Vanquish ME Charlotte NC

What is Vanquish ME?

Vanquish ME has helped thousands of women shape and contour their body and eliminate excess fat and inches. For some people, no amount of diet and exercise can provide the smooth belly, hip and flank that they desire. This can be because of genetics, illness, or other factors. Regardless of the reason, Vanquish ME can help.

It is a contactless technology for fat cell reduction. This means it does not touch the skin at all, ensuring a simple and painless treatment. Unlike painful liposuction or cool sculpting, it provides a comfortable and effective solution for excess fat.

Vanquish ME works by disrupting fatty cells, resulting in their shrinkage or elimination. This, in turn, leads to a reduction of inches around the thighs, hips, and midsection. Vanquish ME Charlotte NC treatment is typically administered in four sessions, each one week apart.

Is Vanquish ME safe?

When used properly, Vanquish ME Charlotte NC is perfectly safe. It does not touch the body, and most patients feel no sensation other than a slight warming feeling which may last a few hours after treatment. The treatment is administered through RF technology. As such, it does not carry the risk of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, as cooling or freezing treatments do.

To ensure that you get the best use and results from your Vanquish ME treatment, make sure you are visiting a dermatologist’s office. The professionals there are licensed, and are trained in the proper use of the Vanquish ME technology.

Am I a good candidate?

Unlike other sculpting treatments, there are no BMI restrictions for the use of Vanquish ME Charlotte NC. It is safe for patients of any size, and is ideal for those who wish to see dramatic results without the pain, expense, and downtime of cosmetic surgery or liposuction.

Vanquish ME does not require any change to your diet, exercise, or lifestyle routine in order to be effective. Essentially, Vanquish ME Charlotte NC can be used by anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of fat around their hips, thighs, or midsection, and wishes to see aesthetic improvement.

Where can I get Vanquish ME treatments in Charlotte?

In the greater Charlotte NC area, Dr. Deborah Nixon and her experienced team at Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte are experienced in the use of Vanquish ME body contouring technology. If you are considering fat reduction, cool sculpting, or any other body contouring treatment, talk to Dr. Nixon and her team about available options. The experts at Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte can help guide you in the right direction for your specific needs.

With amazing technology like Vanquish ME now available, there’s no need to suffer from stubborn fat.   Contact Dr. Nixon today and schedule your appointment for a body contouring consultation.


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