Melt away unwanted fat

Vanquish ME is a fast and effective procedure for the permanent elimination of unwanted body fat, and body sculpting. It is an FDA approved, non-surgical treatment, that permanently melts fat and contours your body without pain and without downtime. Men and women of all ages can lose several inches on the upper back, love handles, hips, thighs, and on the belly. There are other procedures for the loss of unwanted fat, but consider the following reasons to choose Vanquish:

  1. There is no downtime

Typically, patients may experience mild redness, tissue tenderness, or warmth after the procedure; but these side effects last only a short time and have no direct impact on your daily tasks. Patient usually return to their daily routine right after the treatment. The entire procedure takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour per session.

  1. Lasting results

It is possible to see improvement in your appearance just days after your first treatment. It is not necessary to supplement treatments with any type of diet or exercise regimen. The obvious results can make patients motivated to stay in good physical shape. The results will last as long as you maintain your current weight and practice a healthy lifestyle.

  1. It is painless

No pain is associated with the treatments. In fact, many patients describe the procedure as a spa experience. It is perfectly fine to close your eyes, relax, and even nap during the procedure. Most patients read a book or magazine to pass the time during the procedure.

Explaining Vanquish

Vanquish ME is the latest innovation in the non-invasive, non-surgical use of thermal energy to remove unwanted fat. Vanquish contours problem areas by targeting deep tissue layers without damaging your skin or surrounding muscle tissue or organs. Vanquish technology works by heating targeted fat cells just enough to allow cellular breakdown. This transforms unwanted fat cells into waste, allowing the body to naturally eliminate the waste. The treatments are safe for men and women of all ages who wants to remove stubborn fat from problem areas where exercise and diet have plateaued. Vanquish Me is an ideal solution for those who are looking for the aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery.

Cosmetic dermatology in Charlotte, NC

If you seek to avoid problems with your skin, hair, or nails, Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte can provide high quality and innovative treatment in a caring and professional environment. Dr. Nixon is a board-certified dermatologist whose dedication, experience, and knowledge will provide the best possible treatment for your cosmetic concerns.

Their range of services includes medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology; including removal of skin cancer. In addition to Halo by Sciton, they provide a full range of cosmetic offerings such as skin tightening, fat reduction, chemical peels, Botox treatments, microdermabrasion, and more. Treatment is available for both adult and pediatric patients. Call Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte today for a skin evaluation and analysis of stubborn fat to see if you are a candidate for Vanquish ME.


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