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Vanquish ME is the noninvasive procedure that will help you get your body ready for the summer

Vanquish ME is available to those who are having problems getting their body in perfect shape for the summer. The summer months mean long hot days, and plenty of time spent at the beach. This means that people wear clothes that are typically more revealing in the summer, which can make us self-conscious. Diet and exercise are two great ways to get into shape and to be in a good state of health, however, sometimes they may not be enough to get us to our aesthetic goals. Toning problem areas like the belly, thighs, buttocks, and arms can be nearly impossible, which is where Vanquish ME can help. By using a body contouring process that is noninvasive, Vanquish ME has the ability to get you to your ideal body shape and profile.

What is Vanquish ME?

Vanquish ME treatment uses radio frequency technology to destroy fat cells, while leaving surrounding tissue and skin alone. By being able to only target the fat cells and destroy them, this technology can sculpt the body and make aesthetically-pleasing body contours without causing any damage to the surrounding areas. Vanquish ME is noninvasive, which comes with a variety of advantages. Let’s explore some of the advantages that Vanquish ME has to offer.

3-5 times faster removal of fat than other technologies

Apoptosis is the process that Vanquish ME treatment uses to kill fat cells, and is how this technology can remove fat so quickly and efficiently. Once the fat cells have been destroyed by the radio frequency, the body then uses its own natural lymphatic system to remove these dead fat cells and flush them from the body. This removal of fat cells helps to contour areas that can be hard to slim with exercise and diet alone, such as the abs, love handles, thighs and the belly.

Noninvasive device means it’s virtually painless

Vanquish ME treatment can tone your body without causing you discomfort, which is something that other technologies simply cannot do. Research has shown that patients only report feeling mild side effects, like tenderness, after their procedure that go away very quickly. This technology only targets the fat cells, and leaves tissues surrounding them alone, which is why you’ll undergo a treatment that is comfortable and effective.

The Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte – your Vanquish ME specialists

Vanquish ME is provided by Dr. Deborah Nixon and her team of highly skilled skin specialists at the Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte, NC. This technology can help your body be swimsuit ready, and get you in the mood for the long summer days ahead. If you are living in the Charlotte, NC area and are interested in toning your body, or in ridding your body of stubborn fat-deposits, call our office and schedule an appointment today.


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