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Acne treatment

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, yet finding accurate information about acne takes a bit of diligence. Just perform a search on acne and you will find so many different opinions, myths and treatments that it is nearly impossible for the average person to recognize good information. There are so many myths and treatments can be scarce. What can get lost in this ocean of opinion and information is the reality that living with acne is physically and emotionally painful. Adults and adolescents who suffer with acne are usually self-conscious and uncomfortable with their skin condition. We are not talking about a minor breakout of a few pimples that can resolve itself in a week or two, many individuals struggle with acne for years. Again, whether you are an adult or an adolescent, if you suffer with severe acne, it is difficult to feel good about your skin condition, regardless of the fact that under that skin condition is a beautiful and normal person.

The first step

The first step towards improving your skin is to get expert help of a dermatologist. The cause(s) and reasons for acne can be just as varied as the number of individuals who must deal with it. If you visit a skilled and experienced dermatologist, you will get straight answers and recommendations for your condition, and you will save yourself the expense of purchasing countless over-the-counter products that probably may not work. Sometimes people use products and remedies that actually make their skin condition worse.

The first thing that a dermatologist will do is examine your skin to make sure that your skin condition is indeed acne, and not a skin condition that looks like acne. Then a clinician will provide one or more of a number of treatments that are appropriate. If you struggle with acne, you are not alone. It is estimated that between 40 and 50 million Americans will have acne at any one time. Acne can occur at any age, but the majority of acne patients are teenagers and young adults. As strange as it may seem, newborn babies can get acne. Some women get acne when they reach middle age and others contract the skin condition when they are pregnant.

What causes acne?

The blemishes and bumps that are associated with acne occurs when pores in our skin get clogged. The clog usually begins with when dead skin cells fail to rise to the surface of a pore. Our skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells and in order to keep the new cells and the skin moisturized, our body produces an oily substance called sebum. This can cause the dead skin cells to stick together inside the pore, where they become trapped. Sometimes bacteria gets inside the clogged pore, infecting the skin and causing it to become inflamed and swollen. If the inflammation settles deep into the skin, an acne cyst or nodule will appear. When this happens consistently in large areas such as the face or back, the acne makes the skin unsightly, and even painful to the touch. The treatment for acne will vary, depending upon the factors that cause your acne. On average, positive results are noticeable in six to eight weeks.

Charlotte treatment for acne

The severity of a skin condition such as acne may depend upon many factors. If you are finding it difficult to live with your acne, Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte can provide high quality and innovative treatment in a caring and professional environment. Dr. Nixon is a board certified Charlotte dermatologist whose dedication, experience, and knowledge will provide the best possible treatment for your skin, hair, and reliable cosmetic dermatology concerns.

Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte also offers medical, reliable cosmetic dermatology, and surgical dermatology; including removal of skin cancer. We provide a full range of cosmetic offerings such as skin tightening, fat reduction, chemical peels, Botox:registered: treatments, microdermabrasion, and more. We provide treatment for both adult and pediatric patients. Call our office today for a skin care evaluation and analysis of your sun damaged skin, or any other skin condition.


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