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About skin cancer

Skin cancer is more prevalent than ever, with over 3.3 million people treated for this disease every year. While there are many different types of skin cancer and they can vary in severity, it is still an extremely disconcerting diagnosis to receive. Knowing more about risk factors and signs and symptoms of skin cancer Charlotte NC will help you be prepared if you ever need to face treatment for this very common disease.

Risk factors

Most of us know that sun exposure and use of tanning beds is directly correlated to a higher risk of skin cancer Charlotte NC. However, there are other risk factors that can contribute to this disease as well.

Just being born with fair skin can put you at a higher risk of skin cancer. Having blue or green eyes, and red or blonde hair, makes one more susceptible to developing skin cancer. Family history of skin cancer can also lead to a higher risk, as can having a lot of moles on the skin.

Signs of skin cancer

skin cancer Charlotte NC can have a variety of symptoms, or none at all. Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • An unusual growth or sore that doesn’t go away
  • A raised nodule, rash, or irregular patch on the surface of the skin
  • A pale patch of skin or a waxy, translucent bump
  • A reddish, scaly patch
  • A new mole or one that changes suddenly in shape, size, or texture
  • An asymmetrical growth, with or without a different color in the center

Essentially, any unexplained or unusual changes in the skin are worth getting checked out.

What to do next

If you notice any abnormalities in your skin, make an appointment with your Charlotte dermatologist right away. In fact, you should be seeing your dermatologist regularly for skin cancer Charlotte NC treatments as it is.

Before your appointment, make sure you are able to give a clear history of your skin problems and symptoms. It may be a good idea to write this down beforehand so you can refer to it when speaking with the doctor.

Your dermatologist will carefully review your skin and listen to your medical history. If lab tests or further treatment is required, he or she will order it at this time.

Choosing your Charlotte NC dermatologist

Remember that many types of skin cancer are largely treatable if caught early. Make seeing a dermatologist regularly part of your health routine. In the Charlotte NC area, Dr. Deborah Nixon and her experienced team at Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte are adept at recognizing, treating, and preventing skin cancer.   Give yourself the benefit of seeing an expert with full medical resources at her disposal.  Contact Dr. Nixon today and schedule your appointment for a comprehensive skin cancer screening.


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