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Problems with my skin may be caused by what food I am eating

Problems with my skin may be occurring because of the food I eat on a daily basis. There are many different factors that cause acne, and a major one is eating a diet that is not balanced or nutritious. The food that we give our body fuels all of our physiological processes, which means it can have a big impact on how our body behaves. If you’re eating a diet that is high in unnatural, processed foods, and low in fruits and vegetables, then your food habits may be the reason for why your skin keeps acting up. Visiting a dermatologist is the best way to help clear up the problems skin, however we’ve also put together a dietary guide to help you on your journey to beautiful skin and a healthy lifestyle.

Put the milk down!

Consuming an excessive amount of milk and other dairy products may be the cause of the problems skin. Milk has a substance in it that is one of the building-blocks of testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for excessive oil production in the skin, which can be a major cause of acne. Insulin-like growth factor (or IGF) also becomes stimulated by milk. IGF works to increase the amount of testosterone in your body, which as we mentioned before leads to oily skin and blackheads. Instead of consuming dairy products that are fatty, switch to eating a small amount of dairy products made with whole milk, or eat more dairy products that have a large amount of probiotics (like yogurt.)

Avoid foods high in carbohydrates

Many of the “junk” food that we consume on a daily basis are jam-packed with carbohydrates. Other foods that contain large amounts are soda pop, juices, and white flour. Eating too many carbohydrates may be causing the problems with my skin due to its role in increasing the body’s insulin production. Insulin is responsible for stimulating other hormones that can clog your pores (such as testosterone and IGF, mentioned earlier.) Instead of reaching for a junk food option, load up on healthy vegetables and fruits.

Eat  plant-based foods, instead of meat

Fatty acid ratios in the body may be off, which might be causing the problems skin. The omega 6 to omega 3 ratio is an important indicator of if you are consuming a proper diet. By eating more meat than plant-based food, many Americans typically have a ratio that is higher in omega 6s than omega 3s. The opposite ratio, one that is high in omega 3s and lower in omega 6s can help clear up your acne. This is because omega 6s stimulate inflammation in the body, which can cause pimples and break-outs on your skin. However, omega 3s work to reduce inflammation, which can help minimize the appearance of pimples and acne. Eat more healthy foods, like spinach, walnuts, salmon and flax seeds that are high in omega 3s.

The Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte – treating the problems with my skin

Problems with my skin do not need to be left untreated. Dr. Deborah Nixon and the team of estheticians and medical professionals in Charlotte, NC will work with you to help clear up your acne, and develop a proper nutritional plan and skin care routine. If you live in Charlotte, NC and are tired of living with acne, then book your appointment with us today.


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