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Problems with my skin can be caused by not wearing enough sunscreen

Problems skin can cause issues in other areas of my life. When your skin isn’t how you want it to be, it can affect all facets of your lifestyle and can make you miserable. Skin conditions like premature aging, and skin cancer can wreak havoc on your skin, and can make you appear much older than you actually are. Did you know that problems skin may be caused by having one too many bad sunburns? At the very least, not wearing enough sunscreen can cause you to develop fine lines, and wrinkles, and can also give you skin cancer. Let’s talk a little more about bad sunburns, and what you can do to prevent damage and lessen problems that have already developed.

What is considered a “bad sunburn?”

If you have stayed out in the sun for too long, and have turned a bright red color with a painful rash, then you have experienced a “bad sunburn.” If you have developed blisters on your sunburn, then you have caused yourself to develop a second-degree burn. This sunburn is most likely extremely painful, and can only be mildly helped with topical agents, such as aloe. The best way to prevent this sunburn and other problems with my skin, is my applying a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 before being out in the sun all day. It is also important to reapply your sunscreen often, especially if you have been in and out of the water, or if you have been sweating profusely.

How does a bad sunburn damage my skin?

When your skin develops a sunburn, this means that an immense amount of UVB rays from the sun has penetrated your skin. These UVB rays can cause mutations to your skin cells’ DNA, and can make them more prone to develop cancer in the future. Blisters and other problems skin that develop after being in the sun all day without proper sun protection are also caused by these UVB rays. These blisters cause the skin to become inflamed, red and swollen. It is also possible to develop symptoms of illness after being in the sun all day, such as fever, nausea and chills.

What to do after a bad sunburn

Follow these steps to lessen problems skin from developing after a bad sunburn. Create a cool compress and place it on the skin up to four times daily. Buy a moisturizer that does not have any excessive ingredients in it and apply it to the burn after each cold compress. Aspirin can also be taken after you’ve developed a bad sunburn to help with the pain. Aloe vera gel can be purchased at a drugstore or supermarket and can be applied to the sunburn. If aloe gel isn’t working for you, cortisone cream can also be used to help reduce the inflammation and pain.

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