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Living with dermatitis

If you have been diagnosed you with eczema, your dermatologist may have used the word “dermatitis,” because eczema and dermatitis often mean the same thing. Eczema is a general term for a collective number of skin conditions the dermatologists describe as conditions that can cause the skin to swell and discolor. The skin is often dry and itchy. Sometimes blisters form. Sometimes there is peeling and flaking of dry scaly skin, and some cases involve a blistering rash. One thing is for sure, there more types of creams for treating eczema, than there are all the different types of eczema.

The problem with self-treatment

Perhaps the most common treatment for eczema includes the use of cosmetic moisturizing creams and/or cortisone creams. It is important that if you have a dry, itchy skin condition, it is best to consult with a dermatologist, and refrain from trying to treat your skin with all of the creams that are available across the counter. Cortisone creams can only be used for short periods or they can cause long-term side effects. Moisturizing creams may treat the symptoms of dryness; however, they do not treat inflammation that is so prominent.

Prescription strength barrier creams

Once a dermatologist has determined the type of dermatitis that affects you, he or she may decide that a non-steroidal barrier cream is the appropriate treatment for you. Barrier creams are formulated to help protect and heal your skin. They also can be very effective at stopping the itch. The most effective brands of barrier creams are available only by prescription, these include:

  • EpiCeram®
  • HylatopicPlus®
  • Neosalus
  • MimyX®
  • Atopiclair®
  • Ceratopic®

Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte offers Avene Xeracalm, a barrier cream from France that is better than the prescription agents that are available in the U.S.

How barrier creams work

Skin that is affected by dermatitis has a damaged upper layer that makes it more sensitive to irritants and allergens. The skin is dry, partly because of increased water loss through the skin. Some barrier creams help to reduce water loss while protecting the skin from irritants. As a result, the skin is more likely to heal and become more resistant to developing or increased symptoms of dermatitis.

Timely and innovative treatment for dermatitis

The severity of a skin condition such as dermatitis can depend upon many factors. If you are finding it difficult to live with your condition, Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte can provide the afore-mentioned barrier creams along with innovative treatment in a caring and professional environment. Dr. Nixon is a board certified Charlotte dermatologist whose dedication, experience, and knowledge will provide the best possible treatment for your skin, hair, and reliable cosmetic dermatology concerns.

Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte also offers medical, reliable cosmetic dermatology, and surgical dermatology; including removal of skin cancer. We provide a full range of cosmetic offerings such as skin tightening, fat reduction, chemical peels, Botox:registered: treatments, microdermabrasion, and more. We provide treatment for both adult and pediatric patients. Call our office today for a skin care evaluation and analysis of your sun damaged skin, or any other skin condition.


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