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You need to sweat to keep your body’s temperature under control in hot surroundings or during vigorous exercise. Hyperhidrosis occurs when the sweating exceeds the body’s needs. The underarms, feet, and hands are the areas most commonly affected by this disorder. Many forms of treatment can successfully stop hyperhidrosis.

Sweating and lack thereof confirmed by a starch iodine test. Sweating is indicated by a dark color change as in the upper photo.

Fortunately, a number of treatment methods are available including prescription antiperspirants, iontophoresis, BOTOX®. Dysport, Xeomin injections, oral medications, and surgery.

If topical agents haven’t cured your severe underarm sweating, BOTOX® can help. Botox blocks chemical signals to the sweat glands. Overactive sweat glands stop producing so much sweat when the glands don’t receive the chemical signals.

Most patients respond for up to 6 months. Some need another treatment in 3 months while others go 6-8 months. This is not a cure; the symptoms will come back sooner or later, and you will realize when it is the correct time for a follow-up treatment.

Treatment Options



  • Antiperspirants
  • Prescription antiperspirant