Yes, it’s possible to get rid of those embarrassing dry, itchy flakes. In this month’s video, you’ll learn tips that dermatologists give their patients. These tips include how often to shampoo and which shampoos to use.

Dandruff: How to treat (3:01)

What Dermatologists Tell their Patients

Scalp psoriasis can look a lot like dandruff. Many people who have scalp psoriasis see flaking. But there are differences between scalp psoriasis and dandruff, and each requires different treatment.

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Your Child’s Eczema Story Could Help Other Children

To help parents care for a child who has; the Academy will publish a multimedia guide. We’re looking for inspiring tips from parents. Have you found a certain treatment that works for your child? Do you have a creative way to overcome an eczema trigger? Has teaming up with a dermatologist helped your child?

Your insight could mean relief for many children living with eczema.

Please take a few minutes to share your child’s eczema story.