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Vanquish- Flex Applicator

Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte is currently the first practice in the Charlotte, NC area to offer the brand-new Flex applicator by Vanquish! This applicator is used for noninvasive fat reduction and contouring of the thighs.

What is the Flex applicator?
The Flex applicator is a device made specially for use on the thighs. It uses the same radiofrequency technology as Vanquish to noninvasively target and destroy fat cells in selected areas. While Vanquish has had proven success in reducing the circumference of the abdomen, Flex has had the same success for the thighs. It can treat both the outer and inner thighs for a full circumferential reduction and contour.The Flex applicator is designed to smooth, tighten, and contour the entire thigh, resulting in shapely and youthful legs. It is especially effective on so-called saddlebags, the fatty deposits on the outer thighs which affect many women.What is a Flex treatment like?
A Flex treatment is quick, painless, and comfortable. Treatments take only thirty minutes per thigh.  During the treatment itself, you may feel some heat from the radiofrequency energy, but this is not painful. Patients can relax while the comfortable applicator goes to work on fat cells.
For optimal results, a series of four treatments spaced over four weeks is recommended, although this may change depending on the individual. Winter is the ideal time to have a treatment, as patients will then be ready to show off their thighs in shorts and swimsuits by the time spring and summer come around.Advantages of the Vanquish for the abdomen and thighs  include:

  • Hands-off, non-invasive treatment technique
  • No pain associated with treatment
  • Minimal side effects
  • No downtime – return to normal activities after treatment

Who is a good candidate for the Vanquish procedure?
The Vanquish system is designed to reduce and eliminate areas of stubborn fat unresponsive to diet and exercise. Often found near the abdomen and on the thighs, these pockets of unwanted fat may persist even with proper diet and exercise. The Vanquish treatment is not for treating obesity or surgical procedures such as liposuction. Patients targeting specific areas of unwanted fat are the best candidates for the procedure.

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