Deep wrinkles are caused by multiple factors including loss of volume in the affected area as well as bone loss especially in the upper cheek and along the jaw line.  The skin sags now that its scaffold or structure is less prominent and the skin no longer drapes properly over the face, neck, hands, etc.

Deep Wrinkles

Treatments are aimed at the underlying cause of the deep wrinkle.  Your physician and/ or esthetician will determine your causes and recommend appropriate treatments to reverse these changes.

Volume loss causes:

  • sunken eyes
  • skin sagging and wrinkles
  • parenthesis lines around the mouth
  • sunken appearance in the temples and cheeks
  • jowls or redundant skin in the mouth corner leading to a persistent frown
  • marionette lines below the corners of the mouth
  • nose tip drooping
  • thinning lips
  • prominent veins in the hands

Bone loss also occurs in the upper cheek and jaw line resulting in less structure of the face.

Fillers are primarily used to refill volume loss and rebuild areas of bone loss.

SkinTyte can also be used to tighten sagging skin.

Treatment Options



  • none
Deep Wrinkles