Newsletter from Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte:  October 2017


Melanoma- Charlotte dermatologistChecking for Melanoma? Don’t make this mistake!

The end of summer is a good time to check your skin for signs of skin cancer. Before you perform a skin self-exam, find out how to avoid this common mistake.

Study: Most melanomas don’t arise from existing moles. Learn more about checking melanomas here. 


Removing a tick when you first see it can prevent Lyme disease

Think you could remove a tick from your skin? You’ll definitely have a leg up after watching this video.

Click here to learn how to remove a tick and prevent future bites.


Red face? Sensitive skin? Your skin could be telling you something!

Do you blush easily? Is your face permanently red or your facial skin sensitive? These are signs of rosacea, a common skin condition. Find out if you should be screened.

Is rosacea causing your red, irritated face? Learn more about Rosacea here.



Are you increasing your risk of developing rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin condition. Find out if a few weekly glasses of white wine or other libation could be increasing your risk of developing it.

Does drinking increase your risk of getting rosacea? Learn more here. 

Additional related information on Rosacea:



Rosacea treatment can benefit your eyes, too

By treating rosacea, you can reduce the redness. You can clear acne-like breakouts. Treatment can also protect your eyesight. Find out what you should know about treatment if you have rosacea.

Do you have to treat rosacea?


Hike to protect more people from skin cancer

You can make a difference! Sign up for Skin Cancer, Take a Hike!™ The money you raise will help provide free skin cancer screenings, sunscreen dispensers, and shade structures where children play. Join one of our scheduled hikes today, or start a hike in your area!

Join one of our scheduled hikes today, or start a hike in your area!

Skin Cancer, Take a Hike!™


Trending on Social Media

Facebook: AAD’s most popular post last month

Women are 9x more likely than men to spot melanoma on others. Use this infographic to check your skin and your partner’s skin for any new or suspicious spots.

Twitter: AAD’s most popular tweet last month

The back is the most common location for #melanoma, the deadliest form of #skincancer. Who’s got your back?

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New Procedures


A whole new approach to women’s intimate health.

BTL ULTRA Femme 360 is an innovative, safe, and effective non-surgical alternative to vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedures. ULTRA Femme is the only technology of its kind providing complete vaginal rejuvenation including labial remodeling (labia reduction) and vaginal tightening with a single device. It uses the body’s natural processes to stimulate collagen production and restore the vaginal and vulvar areas to a more youthful state.


ULTRA Femme 360 causes no pain or discomfort, requires no anesthesia, and has no downtime.

  • Shortest radio frequency intimate procedure
  • Intravaginal treatment takes 8 minutes
  • External treatment is based on your specific needs, and usually takes less than 12 minutes external.
  • Non-Surgical, No Downtime
  • 360 degree technology
  • Maximum comfort with uniform distribution of energy

Contact our office for additional information on ULTRA FEMME 360 by BTL!


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