Newsletter from Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte: November  and December 2016


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You can reduce your medication costsreduce your medication costs- learn from your ballantyne dermatologist- dscmd

Many dermatology patients have seen dramatic price hikes for medications they need. This has left some patients unable to afford their medications — even with insurance coverage. Here are some ways you can lower your costs.

Did you know there are ways to reduce your drug costs? Click here to learn how to reduce your medication costs.


Forced to try less-expensive medications first?

When an insurance company covers a more-expensive drug only after the less-expensive ones fail to work, it’s called step therapy. This tactic can delay necessary treatment and lead to setbacks.

If you’ve experienced step therapy, please share your story with the American Academy of Dermatology. Your experiences can help pass laws that allow others to get the medicines they need.

Submit your step therapy story here.


manage excessive sweating by seeing your Charlotte dermatologist=DSCMDHow to manage excessive sweating

Using antiperspirant instead of deodorant and keeping a sweat journal (to track situations when you sweat excessively) can help. See what else you can do to gain control.

Watch video to see how to manage excessive sweating here.



Rosacea: How to reduce flare-ups, diminish redness

Rosacea- consult your Ballantyne dermatologist at DSCMDDoes it seem that nothing will lessen the redness or stop those unpredictable flare-ups? Making some simple changes can actually help. You’ll find dozens of insider tips that you can try today at:

Non-healing or slowly healing blisters?Non healing blisters- see your charlotte dermatologist- DSCMD

Do you have blisters on your skin that break open quickly, leaving painful sores? Do you always seem to have painful mouth sores? Blisters that burst quickly and heal slowly (or not at all) are a sign of pemphigus.

You can find out more about Pemphigus here.




Facebook: AAD’s most popular post last month

Do you know the ABCDEs of melanoma? Find out what to look for on your skin here.

Twitter: AAD’s most popular retweet last month

A tan is a sign of damage to the skin from ultraviolet radiation. The only safe tan comes in a bottle:



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