Newsletter from Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte:  May  2016

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How to Treat Corns and Calluses

Hidden under shoes and clothes, corns and calluses can be easy to ignore. If you cringe at the thought of wearing summer clothes and sandals, find out how to treat corns and calluses at home and prevent them from returning.    Video

corns and calluses- dscmd- your Ballantyne Dermatologist


Indoor tanning: A high price to pay for prom

Staff at tanning salons tend to downplay the risks of indoor tanning, but data from many research studies tell us the risks are real. Use indoor tanning beds before age 35, and you can increase your risk of getting melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by 59%.indoor tanning- see dermatologists alternatives- DSCMD

Why risk it? If you want to look tan for prom, find out what dermatologists recommend instead.

Dangers of indoor tanning.


Suspect genital warts? Treatment has benefits

Sometimes a sexually transmitted disease (STD) has no symptoms (what you feel). This includes genital warts. Even if you’re feeling fine, it’s best to get tested if you suspect you could have genital warts or another STD. You can learn more about genital warts here.


Acne facts that may surprise you

Just about everyone gets acne. Yet, research shows many people have been misinformed about what causes it and how to treat it. To help us see clearer skin, dermatologists recently shared key facts about acne.

More information on acne here:

Rosacea can pack an emotional punch

New research shows that rosacea can cause more than a red face. Surveys conducted by the National Rosacea Society reveal that having rosacea can cause a flurry of negative feelings, including low self-esteem (90%), embarrassment (88%), and frustration (75%). The researchers also discovered what helps alleviate these feelings.

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