Kybella - Charlotte, NC

About Kybella

If you’ve suffered from a stubborn double chin and looked for a way to resolve it, you’ve probably heard about Kybella. Kybella is the first and only FDA approved injectable double chin treatment.

It is an injection of deoxycholic acid which is made directly into the fat underneath the chin. It is usually administered in a series of treatments (up to six), with multiple injections provided in each treatment. The treatments each take only 15 to 20 minutes.

The deoxycholic acid in Kybella permanently destroys the fat cells under the skin, which in turn reduces the appearance of submental fullness. After receiving the treatments, the jawline area will be noticeable smoother, with the appearance of a double chin reduced or eliminated entirely.

Benefits of Kybella

There are many benefits to Kybella. Firstly, it is a very convenient treatment- there is no surgery or downtime required. The treatments can be performed in the comfort of your dermatologist’s office, and take only a matter of minutes to complete.

It is also a permanent treatment- you do not need to worry about maintenance treatments, or losing your results over time. Once the fat cells under the chin have been destroyed, they cannot come back. This also makes it a cost effective choice for dealing with your submental fullness- it is a one-time investment with results that last a lifetime.

Things to consider before treatment

Like any other medical procedure, there are some possible side effects associated with Kybella. The most commonly reported side effects include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, and areas of hardness around the treatment area. These side effects, when experienced, generally resolve quickly after treatment. Rarer but more serious side effects may include trouble swallowing or nerve injury in the jaw that could take several weeks to resolve. Before you make the decision to get the treatment, talk to your dermatologist about whether or not it is a fit for your needs. The treatments are most appropriate for those who suffer from moderate to severe submental fullness (appearance of a double chin) that is not resolved with diet or exercise. Remember, it is a permanent solution.

Where to get Kybella treatments

It is best to have Kybella or other cosmetic procedures in the controlled environment of a dermatologist’s office, where you are under the care of trained and experienced staff. In the Charlotte NC area, Dr. Deborah Nixon and her experienced team at Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte are offering Kybella treatments for reduction of fat under the chin.

There’s no need to suffer from an embarrassing or unattractive double chin any longer.  Contact Dr. Nixon today and schedule your appointment to learn more about the benefits of Kybella.


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