About Kybella

Kybella - Charlotte, NCAre you struggling with unwanted or unsightly fat under your chin that creates the appearance of a “double chin”? If so, this condition can be both embarrassing and unattractive. The appearance of a double chin can make you look both older and heavier than you already are.

Fortunately, there is now for the first time an FDA approved treatment for reducing fat under the chin. It is called Kybella, and it is a course of treatment consisting of a series of injections that can help you get rid of your double chin permanently.

How Kybella melts a double chin

The active ingredient in Kybella, deoxycholic acid, mimics a naturally occurring substance that helps break down dietary fat. When injected into the tissue under the chin, it destroys fat cells- leaving them unable to store fat. This results in a permanent loss of volume in the area.

Over time with multiple treatments, you will see the area under your chin shrink and become more defined. This leads to a smoother jawline and the elimination of the appearance of a double chin. This can help you appear both younger and slimmer.

Getting Kybella treatments

Kybella treatments can be administered right in your dermatologist’s office. A consultation with your dermatologist can help you determine if you are a candidate for this procedure, the specific course of treatment most appropriate for your needs, and the results you can expect to achieve.

Kybella is administered with a series of small injections under the chin. Your dermatologist may use a topical numbing agent to make the procedure more comfortable. Afterwards, you may experience some swelling or redness in the treatment area. Generally, there is very little down time after the treatment.

Most patients have up to six treatments, each spaced about one month apart, in order to achieve optimal results.

Your Charlotte, NC Kybella provider

If you are tired of living with a double chin and you want to melt the fat away, this might be the right solution for you. If you live in or around the Charlotte NC area, then visiting Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte is a great first step to learn more about Kybella treatment. Dr. Deborah Nixon and her team are well trained all aspects of dermatology, including cosmetic, medical, and surgical care. They can advise you about Kybella and other cosmetic treatments, and help you decide if this fat reducing treatment is right for you.

Don’t wait any longer to get rid of your unsightly double chin. The experienced team at Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte can see you quickly and treat you effectively, including with Kybella. Trust your skin care to an experienced physician- contact Dr. Deborah Nixon and her team today to schedule your appointment.


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