Newsletter from Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte:  July 2016

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Hair Remhow to wax yourself- from DSCMD- your Ballantyne dermatologistoval- How to Wax

Have you ever wished you could give yourself a salon-quality wax at home? This new video shows you how to do just that with step-by-step instructions. You’ll also learn what to avoid before you wax and how to reduce the discomfort.
Watch the video here.


Cyndi Lauper rocks control of her psoriasisCyndi Lauper and Psoriasis- visit Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte for your psoriasis

And so can you. That’s why the popstar recently sat down with the AAD. To help others with psoriasis, she shared how she manages the most common psoriasis trigger — stress. She also gave tips for finding time to care for psoriasis and picking yourself up after a serious bout with psoriasis.

Cyndi Lauper reveals how she manages her psoriasis here.

Vitiligo- see your Ballantyne dermatologist at DSCMDWhat is vitiligo, exactly?

It causes patches of lighter skin. These patches are more sensitive to the sun, and sunburn more easily. Most people with vitiligo are otherwise healthy. Having vitiligo, however, can increase your risk of developing other medical conditions. Know the signs and when to get help.

Learn more about Vitiligo here.

Fillers offer more natural-looking resultsFillers- dermal fillers that are natural looking- at your ballantyne dermatologist DSCMD

Today’s fillers can give you a refreshed look that appears completely natural. Friends, family, and co-workers aren’t likely to know what you’ve done. The breakthroughs in fillers go beyond natural-looking results. Find out what else fillers can do and 5 things that will help you get better results.

Fillers are giving patients better, longer-lasting results. Learn more here.


scleroderma- learn more at your ballantyne dermatologistHard, tight skin: Sign of an uncommon disease

As we get older, we often wish that our bodies would make more collagen. It’s a substance that helps give our skin youthful fullness. If our body makes too much collagen, however, it can be a sign of scleroderma (sclare-oh-dur-muh). This may not be the only warning sign.

Learn more about scleroderma by reading this.

Next steps after melanoma diagnosis

If you’re diagnosed with melanoma, it can be difficult to pay attention to anything else your doctor says. Here’s what happens after the diagnosis.

I’ve been diagnosed with melanoma! Now what? Learn the next steps to take here.

Black salve can be a deadly skin cancer remedyskin cancer remedy that is deadly- learn more from your Ballantyne Dermatologist

There’s a misbelief that this home remedy, which you can easily buy online, can “draw the cancer out.” What it actually does is quite different. Find out why this purported home remedy can be so deadly.

Beware of this black salve.


Sunscreen labels- learn more- Charlotte dermatologistStill puzzled by sunscreen labels?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. A recent AAD survey reveals that many people find the SPF numbers confusing. And researchers at Johns Hopkins found that many people fail to get good protection from sunscreen because of the way they apply it.

Research indicates that many are using sunscreen incorrectly





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