Halo by Sciton - Charlotte NC

Halo by Sciton uses fractional laser technology to smooth and refresh your skin

Halo by Sciton is an innovative facial youthening process that is offered by dermatologists in the Charlotte, NC area. Halo by Sciton uses both non-ablative and dual ablative technology to target facial flaws and renew the skin. The skin is resurfaced with this process, and will leave you with skin that appears years younger. If you’re living with skin that has suffered through years of damage, whether it be from exposure to the sun, harsh chemicals, or free radicals, this skin rejuvenating procedure can erase this damage. There is technology out there that can help those who are unhappy with their appearance, and Halo by Sciton could be the one for you.

What can Halo by Sciton do for my skin?

There are many different ways Halo by Sciton Charlotte NC can help the appearance of your skin.

  • If you have skin with an uneven texture or color, this treatment can help.
  • Hyperpigmentation and sun spots are no match for this facial procedure.
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, and creases that may form over time can be targeted with this technology.
  • Finally, if you suffered from acne for many years and have developed scars, or big pores, Halo by Sciton Charlotte NC can reduce or eliminate these facial flaws.

To determine if your skin type is a good candidate for the procedure, schedule a consultation appointment with a board certified dermatologist today.

What are the advantages to using Halo by Sciton?

Since Halo by Sciton Charlotte NC is such a revolutionary skin care procedure, it offers many advantages to its use. Here are some of the most beneficial advantages.

  • The technology is customizable, and can be programmed by the dermatologist to fit the needs of the patient.
  • This procedure acts on the surface of the skin, and is therefore not invasive like some other procedures may be.
  • This treatment can help patients who experience many different skin conditions, and is therefore very versatile. It can also work with patients who have many different types of skin.
  • Since Halo by Sciton offers settings that are both non-ablative and ablative, each treatment can be individually customized for each patient’s needs.

The Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte – your dermatologist for Halo by Sciton

Halo by Sciton is offered by Dr. Deborah Nixon and her skin specialist team at the Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte, NC. This versatile, highly customizable skin treatment procedure is effective at helping patients with all different skin types and skin conditions.  If you are living in the Charlotte, NC area and are interested in learning more about this technology, or if you are in need of a dermatological consultation, schedule an appointment with us today.


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