Halo by Sciton - Charlotte, NC

Halo by SCITON can give you the skin of your youth

Halo by SCITON is a revolutionary, anti-aging procedure that has given people all across the country the skin they desire. Laser skin treatments have been offered for many years now, but none are comparable to Halo by SCITON. Laser treatments of old made you choose between having a short recovery time with okay results, and having a long recovery time for good results. Not anymore. It gives patients the amazing results they desire without them having to take time off of work for a lengthy recovery. Halo by SCITON is customized to each patient’s individual needs. This allows the doctor to adjust the process for every patient they treat. A patient without much skin damage may only need a light treatment, whereas a patient with a lot of blemishes and wear may require a treatment that requires a few days of rest. Halo by SCITON is designed to give you the dewy, fresh skin of your youth pain-free and with ease.

Halo by SCITON treatment

The number of Halo by SCITON treatments you will undergo depends on you and your availability. If it works better to have few treatments, then the procedure can be done in a shorter amount of time at a higher intensity. If a number of less intense treatments spread out over a long period of time works best for you, then this can be done as well. Before your appointment, a clinician will place a topical anesthetic on the skin to ensure that you do not feel discomfort during the procedure. During the treatment, the Halo clinician will roll a hand piece over the skin until the system tells the clinician that the procedure is done. To make sure that all of the skin is treated evenly, a motion tracking device will measure the amount of treatment each area received. Patients have reported Halo by SCITON feeling like heat is being applied, with intermittent prickling sensations.

Halo by SCITON results

Halo by SCITON will provide you with a total skin makeover. Since this treatment is a complete skin rejuvenation procedure, your skin will have better tone and texture. Any discolored skin, or fine lines will be removed or reduced, and the skin will be given an improvement in skin reflectivity, as well as glow. Any large pores that may appear on your skin will also be reduced. It does it all.

The Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte – Your Halo by SCITON Charlotte dermatologist

Halo by SCITON is the skin rejuvenation treatment of the future. Charlotte dermatologist Dr. Deborah Nixon of the Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte, NC is here to offer you this game-changing procedure. If you are a resident of Charlotte, NC and wish to see the skin of your youth, make an appointment with the Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte today.


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