Halo by Sciton

May 2018 NewsletterHave you heard of Halo by Sciton? If not, you may be excited to learn about the breakthrough benefits offered by this hybrid fractional laser. Halo can help address a variety of skin concerns, including signs of aging, acne scars, loss of tone and texture, blotchiness and discoloration, and more.

Halo by Sciton treatments may be available from your dermatologist. Talk to your skin care specialist to learn more about this advanced treatment and find out if Halo by Sciton is a fit for your skin care and aesthetic needs.

How Halo by Sciton works

Halo by Sciton is unique in that it is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser. This means it utilizes both ablative and non ablative wavelengths to very specifically target just the right depth in the skin.

The benefit of this technology is that the treatment provider can utilize the laser’s most powerful technology only in the exact spots where it is needed. This gives more dramatic results with less downtime or discomfort. It also means you may require fewer treatments to receive optimal results.

After Halo treatment, you may experience some skin bronzing and peeling. This is natural as the skin regenerates, revealing your fresh, new skin underneath.

What Halo by Sciton treats 

If you have a specific skin concern, your dermatologist can give you more information on what results you can expect. Halo by Sciton has been successfully used to improve overall tone and texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, remove discoloration, reduce pore size, and enhance skin reflectivity and glow.

The results from this treatment can last for years, and regular maintenance treatments can help preserve and improve your results over time.

Halo by Sciton treatments in Charlotte, NC

If you are bothered by imperfections such as blotchiness, scarring, texture loss, fine lines, or dull tone on your skin, you may be able to resolve this quickly and easily with Halo by Sciton treatments. If you live in or around the Charlotte NC area, then visiting Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte is a great first step to learn more about Halo by Sciton treatment. Dr. Deborah Nixon and her team are well trained all aspects of dermatology, including cosmetic, medical, and surgical care. They can advise you about the Halo laser and other cosmetic treatments, and help you decide if this beautifying treatment is right for you.

Don’t wait any longer to make drastic improvements in the appearance of your skin. The experienced team at Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte can see you quickly and treat you effectively. Trust your skin care to an experienced physician- contact Dr. Deborah Nixon and her team today to schedule your appointment.


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