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Common skin concerns

As we age, skin imperfections can become more prevalent and more noticeable. Some of these might be attributed to the passage of time; others are simply natural variations in skin’s tone and texture. For many of these issues, Halo by Sciton laser treatments can be a solution.

Some of the most common aesthetic skin concerns that patients discuss with their dermatologists include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging, tone loss, and texture loss
  • Scarring from acne or other causes
  • Blotchiness, discoloration, or uneven complexion

The Halo by Sciton laser is equipped to deal with all of these concerns.

How Halo by Sciton works

Halo by Sciton is unique from other laser treatments in that it combines two technologies. It is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser, utilizing both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to maximize results.

Ablative wavelengths can render dramatic results, but they are a little tougher on the skin and can require downtime after treatments. Gentle non-ablative wavelengths make for comfortable treatments and little downtime, but their results are not as impactful. With the hybrid technology utilized by Halo by Sciton, your dermatologist can very specifically target microscopic treatment areas and adjust the laser wavelength accordingly. The result is maximum results with minimum downtime.

The Halo by Sciton experience

Most patients have a number of Halo by Sciton sessions to maximize results. You can determine, along with your dermatologist, what the ideal number of treatments is for your needs.

When you have Halo by Sciton treatment, your dermatologist may use a topical anesthetic to make you more comfortable during the treatment. Then, he or she will roll the Halo handpiece over the surface of your skin, using tracking technology to make sure each area is covered appropriately.

Most patients report that the treatment is fairly comfortable, with only a minor warming or prickling sensation. After treatment, your skin may continue to feel warm for 15-20 minutes. Over the next few days, you may experience your skin bronzing slightly and then peeling to reveal fresh, healthy new skin beneath.

Finding your Charlotte NC dermatologist

Are you ready to quickly and easily erase signs of aging, scarring, and discoloration from your face? If so, you will want to speak to an experienced medical and/or cosmetic dermatologist about Halo by Sciton. Make sure you are seeking this treatment only from a qualified expert. Dr. Deborah Nixon and her team at DSCMD may be the perfect choice for your needs- Dr. Nixon and her team are experienced in all different facets of dermatology, including cosmetic, medical and surgical dermatology.

Take the first step towards more beautiful, youthful skin with Halo by Sciton today. Contact the team at Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte today to schedule your initial consultation.


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