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Fotofacial rejuvenation technology can give you younger and fresher looking skin

Fotofacial is a photorejuvenation technique that dermatologists now offer to patients who are looking to erase years of damage done to their skin. The skin starts to lose its elasticity and develop wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration as the years go on. Aside from the natural aging process, skin that has been mistreated tends to age much faster, and develop many more of these facial flaws at a younger age. By not using sunscreen when we go outside, not drinking enough water every day, and/or smoking cigarettes, we can really do some harm to our precious skin. Thankfully, there is technology available that can help us renew our skin and take away some of the damage we have done to it. Charlotte Fotofacial is a revolutionary non-ablative skin rejuvenating technique that uses intense pulsed light to get rid of problem areas on our skin and to treat skin conditions.

What is Fotofacial?

Fotofacial works by using pulses of high intensity light that target the deeper layers of the skin. By being able to deliver its light only to the deeper areas of the skin, and not the surface, Fotofacial leaves the top layers of the skin alone, and does them no damage. Broadband light used by Charlotte Fotofacial is not the form of light that lasers use, so it does not cause the skin harm, and instead works to remove fine lines, age spots, sun spots, and wrinkles from the skin.

Advantages to Fotofacial

If you’re looking for a skin rejuvenation technique that requires minimal downtime, then Charlotte Fotofacial is right for you. Since its light rays do not touch the surface of the skin, patients typically require very minimal or no time to recover. Another great advantage to using Fotofacial is that the time it takes to complete one treatment is typically around 30-45 minutes. This is a short treatment time that allows patients to get back to what they were doing instead of spending an entire day dedicated to the treatment and recovery. In fact, after the treatment is over, most patients will go immediately back to work since this treatment is so non-invasive. Finally, patients who have undergone Fotofacial treatments will say that there is very little pain, and that the results are well worth the mild discomfort.

The Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte – your source for Fotofacial treatments

Fotofacial is provided by Dr. Deborah Nixon and her team of well-trained skin specialists at the Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte, NC. Those who are looking to rewind the clock and get back the skin of their youth should look into this skincare treatment. If you are living in the Charlotte, NC area and are interested in learning more about Fotofacial, or are in need of a dermatological consultation, schedule an appointment with us today.


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