Dermatologists treat hyperhydrosis

melanoma diagnosis- visit your ballantyne dermatologistDermatologists are specially trained to treat patients with hyperhydrosis. Imagine any stressful situation… perhaps you are being interviewed for a new job, you are keynote speaker at a convention, or maybe you have been invited to sing the National Anthem. Remember the phrase, “Never let them see you sweat.” Most people can pull it off… unless you suffer with hyperhydrosis. Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating, to the point that it affects your appearance. Patients with hyperhydrosis experience extreme sweating in areas such as under the arms, on the palms of the hands, and on the soles of the feet. You will recognize them in any crowd because of their constantly needing to wipe their hands on their pants or try to conceal the enlarged damp circles under their arms.

Living with hyperhydrosis

Excessive sweating in the form of hyperhydrosis is a problem that affects many people. Though excessive sweating can be a symptom of certain medical conditions, primary hyperhidrosis occurs in the absence of a specific medical problem. Excessive sweating is not only embarrassing and unsightly, it nearly always has a negative impact on social interactions and diminishes self-confidence.

Treatments for hyperhidrosis

There are many effective treatments for primary hyperhidrosis. Treatment usually begins with the application of an antiperspirant containing aluminum chloride salts. This treatment can be very helpful but is significantly less effective in areas where the skin is thicker, such as in palmar hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating of the palms. 

A treatment option that is gaining popularity to reduce or eliminate sweating is Botox injections. Nearly everyone knows that Botox for is ideal for wrinkles. Botox has many medical uses, including for relief from muscle spasms and migraine headaches. Botox has been approved for the treatment of hyperhidrosis in 2004. When injected into the sweat glands, Botox interrupts the signal that causes the glands to stop production.

Botox for excessive sweating is popular for one very important reason: the effects typically last for about six months to a year. Topical therapies can be helpful for hyperhidrosis, but many patients wish to avoid the inconvenience of applying a medication multiple times a week.  Botox can be a safe and effective treatment option for patients with primary hyperhidrosis, or who wants a longer-lasting sweating solution.

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