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Cosmetic dermatology is here to help you with your aesthetic body problems

Cosmetic dermatology is a wonderful field of medicine that can help you with all of your unpleasant skin conditions. Helping people become happy and content with their physical appearance is a great thing. Cosmetic dermatology has been offering people with skin problems and conditions help for many years, and have changed many people’s lives. If you are living with an aesthetic problem that you have been wishing you could change for years, cosmetic dermatology is available to help. Here are some different cosmetic problems and their cosmetic dermatology solutions.

Overactive sweat glands

Sweating is an important physiological function; it regulates your body temperature and cools it down when you have been exercising, or if you are in a hot room. However, there is a condition where the body simply sweats too much, and this is called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a treatable condition that involves overactive sweat glands. Usually, the armpits, the palms of the hands, and feet are the areas of the body that are most affected by hyperhidrosis. There are many different cosmetic dermatology treatments available to help you with your hyperhidrosis. Topical creams are the first line of defense, as are prescription antiperspirants. If these do not show promise, then BOTOX injections (which block the neurological signals to the sweat glands) can also help.

Excessive hair growth

Hair is on our body to warm us and protect us from foreign substances. However, there are many areas of our bodies that can grow hair that we do not wish to. Hirsutism, or excessive hair growth, is a condition that can be found in both women and men. Dark body hair that is coarse is characteristic of hirsutism, and can be found anywhere on the body, including the face, stomach, back and chest. The facial hair caused by hirsutism is often the most problematic aspect of hirsutism for women. There are many different causes for hirsutism, including hormone imbalances and genetic variables. Hirsutism can be treated with laser hair removal cosmetic dermatology.

Under eye dark circles

We all know how delicate the skin surrounding the eye is. This delicate skin is why you develop under eye circles as you age. The eyelids become thinner, which allows the blood vessels underneath the eyes to become more visible. Lower eyelid swelling can also cause dark under eye circles. BBL, chemical peels, laser peels and Juvederm are all cosmetic dermatology procedures that can help you get rid of your dark under eye circles.

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Cosmetic dermatology offered by Dr. Deborah Nixon and her team of skin specialists at the Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte, NC is available to help you with your skin concerns. If you are living in the Charlotte, NC area and are experiencing any of the above aesthetic problems, or have other parts of your skin that you are not happy with, book any appointment with us today.


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