DSC is now participating in clinical trials! This allows us to try new treatments and medications before they are available at the pharmacy.

In general, studies are to learn more about a medication’s role in managing a disease process and to look for potential side effects.

You may or may not get the active drug. We need a placebo group as well as an active group to truly determine how beneficial the drug is. Often the placebo group gets the drug eventually, usually after 12 weeks. Your doctor and the staff will not know if you got the active drug or placebo. We are all “blinded” so my assessments of your improvement are not biased.

There will be required visits and testing (blood work, EKG, etc). These are done at no cost to you.

Most studies pay you for your time.

You cannot deviate from the study’s instruction. To do so may make your information invalid.

You can stop at any time, with an exit visit or protocol.

We currently have 2 trials.
1) A new pill for patients with psoriatic arthritis who have failed a biologic treatment.
2) Skin wart study with a new topical agent.

Call Lauren at 704-247-9179 ext 202 for more information.


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