Botox® treatment for wrinkles

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Have you considered a consultation with a Top Charlotte dermatologist to determine if Botox® injections can diminish your wrinkles and frown lines? Whether your skin is affected by hereditary premature aging or your forehead is naturally furrowed, making you appear constantly worried or lost in deep thought. These conditions can be modified, diminished, or possibly eliminated. You will be pleased and others will notice your fresher, rejuvenated appearance. To diminish these lines, many choose botulinum toxin therapy. Patients that opt for the procedure can return to most everyday activities immediately afterwards. Typically, most people see positive results within 3 to 7 days. A Top Charlotte dermatologist can perform the treatment during a single office visit. The enhancements last about 3 to 4 months or sometimes longer.

Getting rid of that frown

Botulinum rejuvenation and other cosmetic treatments can alter one’s appearance, overcoming unnatural expressions of anger and sadness. Frowns or a furrowed brow are not typically present in children and young adults, but can become evident and eventually permanent with aging. Over the years, these lines and furrows become more noticeable and irreversible. The use Botox® injections and dermal fillers is very helpful to diminish the appearance of deep lines and negative facial expression.

Many uses for Botox®

Botox was first approved by the FDA over 25 years ago. It has now become a household word and is often used to diminish signs of aging and to treat a medical condition called hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). It has also been proven to be extremely helpful for other medical conditions, including cervical dystonia, chronic migraine, and overactive bladders according to top Charlotte dermatologist. There are two main kinds of wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are a result of muscle movements like facial expressions. Static wrinkles are visible all the time and are a result of sun exposure, environmental damage, and aging. Board certified dermatologists utilize many treatments to aid in reduction of wrinkles. Botox® has become the gold-standard for treating dynamic wrinkles. Other dermal fillers are used to refill volume loss, and rebuild areas of bone loss. Injection of extremely small amounts of Botox® into the muscles for facial expression can improve how you look, how you feel, and how everyone else may view you.

Ballantyne area treatment for aging skin

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