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In our ongoing battle to reduce the risk of skin cancer and to avoid premature skin aging, we want to help you evaluate your summer skin care regimen. Hopefully, by this time of year, you have developed the healthy habit of regularly applying sunscreen and of re-applying it every 2 hours of sun exposure. We want to touch on 3 important factors that will ensure that you are getting maximum protection and keeping your skin healthy enough to resist premature aging.

Does your sunscreen work?

We really do not want to make it sound as if summertime is the only time to use sunscreen, only that during the summer is when the sun’s rays are the strongest. When it comes to sunscreen, this should be part of your skin care regimen all year-round. Sunscreen should be the foundation of your efforts to prevent both skin cancer and premature aging. Unfortunately, not every sunscreen on the market provides adequate broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. A recent study by Northwestern University reveals that nearly 40 percent of the sunscreens on the market fail to meet the American Academy of Dermatology standards. Many products overstate their true SPF, or they fail to provide sufficient water resistance. The study also recognized that the price of a product was no guarantee of its effectiveness. Just as we recommend for basic skin care products, you should see your Charlotte dermatologist to determine the best sunscreen for your skin and your budget.

Sunscreen is for everyone

Everyone needs sunscreen, regardless of skin type and skin color. People with darker skin may be less likely to experience sunburn, but sunburn is not the only sign of sun damage to one’s skin. UV damage and premature skin aging can also occur among dark-skinned people according to Charlotte dermatologist. If your skin is dark, or your skin type is fairly resistant to sunburn, you still need to use sunscreen and other UV protective measures. It is also important to schedule an annual skin check for yourself and your children.

Your feet and blisters

This time of year, we experience a high incidence of skin blisters. The most vulnerable are long distance hikers, joggers, and fun seekers who prefer to walk barefoot on hot sand or on hot concrete at a swimming pool. Blisters, are the body’s way of cooling and healing the damage done by this kind of activity. If you notice a blister, the best course of action is to leave it alone. You will need to halt the activity that caused the blister, and let it heal naturally. If you are concerned about infection, see your doctor or your Charlotte dermatologist.

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