Younger skin through Fotofacial rejuvenation

Fotofacial - Charlotte, NC

Your skin should match your outlook Medical science and the quest for healthy living has a great number of people feeling much younger than their age. It is truly believable that 50 is the new 40, or maybe even 35. Certainly during the 19th and 20th century, turning 50 marked the beginning of the end, but these days, what we used to consider to be middle aged is actually the start of our best years. Although many of us have a great story to tell, unfortunately, the cover of our book is a little worse for wear. Our skin does a marvelous and miraculous job of protecting us from the elements, and it pays the price, sometimes aging must faster than the rest of our body. Changes in the skin are common and natural as people grow older. Skin changes are not necessarily a sign of poor health, it may simply be related to a number of factors such as cumulative genetic makeup, diet and nutrition, sun exposure, lifestyle, and even occupation. Arguably, the greatest single factor for aging of the skin is sun exposure. Consider the many skin changes that we experience as we age: Years and decades of…

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The most effective treatment for acne

Acne - Charlotte, NC

Acne treatment Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, yet finding accurate information about acne takes a bit of diligence. Just perform a search on acne and you will find so many different opinions, myths and treatments that it is nearly impossible for the average person to recognize good information. There are so many myths and treatments can be scarce. What can get lost in this ocean of opinion and information is the reality that living with acne is physically and emotionally painful. Adults and adolescents who suffer with acne are usually self-conscious and uncomfortable with their skin condition. We are not talking about a minor breakout of a few pimples that can resolve itself in a week or two, many individuals struggle with acne for years. Again, whether you are an adult or an adolescent, if you suffer with severe acne, it is difficult to feel good about your skin condition, regardless of the fact that under that skin condition is a beautiful and normal person. The first step The first step towards improving your skin is to get expert help of a dermatologist. The cause(s) and reasons for acne can be just as varied…

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Is cosmetic mole removal right for you?

Mole Removal - Charlotte, NC

The enigmatic mole Few things are as universally enigmatic as the common perception of skin moles. Gather a group of people together and you will also have collected every impression regarding moles. To some, a mole on the face is an envied mark of beauty, to others it is an unsightly blemish that should be removed. Some folklore believe them to be sign of fortune, while in other cultures, people with prominent moles are not to be trusted. The most current debate regarding moles is whether they are benign (non-cancerous) or whether they are a common link to skin cancer. We will help clear up the medical facts regarding moles, but you can be sure that personal perceptions surrounding beauty and fortune will go on until the end of time. Cosmetic mole removal Moles that are determined by your doctor to be suspicious for a melanoma will naturally be removed. Some people who tolerated their mole at one point in their life, may find that the mole has grown, changed, or become too prominent for their liking, if your dermatologist determines that a mole is benign, she or he can remove the mole for cosmetic reasons. In most cases, your…

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Safe and effective laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal - Charlotte, NC

Effective hair removal If you are unhappy with the results you get from shaving, tweezing, or waxing; laser hair removal may be the ideal solution. Laser hair removal is more than simply ”zapping” unwanted hair, it is a medical procedure that requires the special skills of a medical esthetician working closely with a dermatologist. Be sure that you thoroughly check the credentials of the doctor’s office who will be performing your procedure. The top Charlotte dermatologists have the training, the skill, and the technology to provide safe and effective laser hair removal. Conversely, if you walk into any drug, grocery, or department store, you will find the beauty aisles filled with do it yourself creams, lotions, and tools for hair removal. Dermatologists offer a number of solutions for hair removal for any area of the body for both men and women. The most common areas are the back, chest, legs, arms and armpits. Your doctor will know which option can be most effective for your needs. Broadband light for hair removal Broadband light therapy removes unwanted body hair by a process called “PhotoEpilation.” A simple explanation is that PhotoEpilation allows for controlled flashes of laser light to penetrate the skin,…

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Tips for dealing with dermatitis

Problems with Excema, contact your Charlotte Dermatologist

Understanding dermatitis Eczema is a collective term that dermatologists use to describe several types of dermatitis. Skin conditions and symptoms of dermatitis are characterized by one or more skin problems such as: Swelling Discoloration Dry and itchy patches on the skin Blisters Most Charlotte dermatologists may use the word “dermatitis” after diagnosing your skin problems. Whether the skin condition is minimal patches of dry skin, or whether your problem is visible and severely affected areas of your body, eczema is never easy to live with. Personalizing the problem Clinical descriptions of dermatitis can sound stomach-turning, but it cannot really explain the reality that dermatitis sufferers experience daily. For example, for many who have dermatitis, wearing shorts and sandals in the summertime is not an option. Trips to the beach can be unpleasant because of the skin being sensitive to sunlight, or because salt water burns the skin. Other parts of your health can be affected because skin conditions may not allow for a good night of sleep. Often, daily activities such as washing dished and doing the laundry requires wearing gloves School aged children may need to stay inside for recess on hot days. People who have dermatitis often have…

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