Say goodbye to unwanted fat with Vanquish ME™

Vanquish ME - Charlotte, NC

A safe way to loose unwanted fat Before Vanquish ME™, body contouring and targeted fat removal required an expensive and invasive procedure like liposuction. However, Vanquish ME™ utilizes the latest technology to target the fat layer and reduce it by heating fat cells. This means that virtually anyone can dramatically reduce the fat stored in their body without surgery, pain, or downtime. Vanquish is effective because it uses targeted radio frequency to heat only the fat cells in the treatment area. Thus, the skin, muscles, and organs remain unaffected at their normal temperature. For most patients, the fat layer is painlessly reduced after 5 or 6 treatments. Vanquish ME™ Vanquish ME™ is a much more viable solution for patients who do not wish to undergo an invasive surgical treatment such as liposuction. Naturally, liposuction carries risks, and depending upon your medical history, it is possible you may not be a candidate for liposuction. Vanquish ME™ uses radio frequency energy to treat fat cells. The Vanquish ME™ applicator delivers RF energy to the treatment site without ever touching delicate tissues. This means that patients experience minimal discomfort and side effects, both during and after treatment. The Vanquish™ applicator is designed to…

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Charlotte dermatologist explains sun-tanning alternative

Charlotte Dermatologist

Is tanning safe? Charlotte dermatologists know that as the weather warms up, people will engage in sun tanning to darken their skin color. A tremendous number of people hold the perception that tanned skin is more appealing and even healthy looking. The most common method of tanning the skin is by sun bathing. People deliberately tan their skin by prolonged exposure to the sun. Just as dangerous as sunbathing, others invest their time and money in tanning salons. Others will concede that prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays is not healthy and will opt to use chemical products which can produce a tanning effect without exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays has negative health effects, the first of which is sunburn. Beyond sunburn, there is an increased risk of skin cancer, as well as depressed immune system function. If you are a regular sun-bather, you should consider yourself fortunate if the only health effect that you encounter is accelerated aging of the skin. Many people insist that their skin maintain a bronzed or golden look all year around. The reality is that UV exposure is bad, regardless of whether that tan comes from the outdoors or…

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The medical solution for problems with my skin

Problems with my skin - Charlotte, NC

Problems with my skin Do you ever ask yourself, “When will I stop having problems with my skin?” Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It looks uniform at first sight because it is one continuous layer covering and protecting every inch of your existence. However, it is far from uniform. Different parts of your skin, from the skin on your face, to the skin around your nails, on your scalp, on your arms and legs, elbows, and feet; all have unique characteristics and plenty of potential for problems. This means that taking care of your skin can be challenging. Minor issues such as an occasional pimple or patch of dry skin can be resolved with over the counter products. However, when you develop a problem, the wisest course of action is to have your skin evaluated by a Charlotte dermatologist. ZO® Medical therapeutic solutions Your dermatologist can help you to effectively treat skin care issues with prescription strength products that literally transform your skin. Your skin will be evaluated and you will receive prescription strength skin care products. Your Charlotte dermatologists will very likely recommend ZO® Medical therapeutic solutions. ZO® is one of the most globally recognized…

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Ballantyne dermatologist stresses the importance of sunscreen

Ballantyne dermatologist -Charlotte, NC

Understanding the sun’s rays Your Ballantyne dermatologist encourages people of all ages to be diligent about sunscreen protection. There are a number of articles that are touting the importance of sun exposure as a means of getting proper levels of vitamin D. The common misconception is that the sun creates vitamin D. Rather, ultraviolet radiation converts the vitamin D in your skin to its usable form. The average adult needs between 600 to 800 international units of vitamin D daily. You can easily obtain these amounts through the consumption of foods such as salmon, tuna, fortified milk, juice, and cereal. The problem is that this misconception regarding sunlight is causing people to seek sun exposure for health reasons, when the sun exposure is actually more harmful than helpful. Ultra violet rays from the sun are responsible for the golden tan to which so many people aspire. Many people perceive bronzed skin to be the look of someone who is vibrant and healthy. In reality, when your skin darkens, this is actually a warning sign that your body is trying to prevent damage from the sun. The sun emits two different types of ultra violet rays that can impact your health,…

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Fotofacial therapy for aging skin

Forever Young BBL - Charlotte, NC

Forever Young BBL™ Broadband light treatments are commonly known by the tradename, Forever Young BBL™, and are also called Fotofacial treatments. Forever Young BBL™ uses pulsing laser light to help reduce some of the signs of aging skin. Fotofacial treatments are ideally suited for those who want to remove or lessen the appearance of age spots and other blemishes that are the result of years of exposure to the sun. Your Charlotte dermatologist can use Fotofacial treatments to help improve your skin tone and to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles and reduce. Broadband light treatments are also effective for treating the redness from broken capillaries, and some cases of rosacea. How Forever Young BBL™ works Before your Forever Young BBL™ treatment, your Charlotte dermatologist will assess the condition of your skin. She or he will explain the amount of damage and will discuss your desired results. It works because A broad spectrum of light is transmitted through a hand piece that is gently placed on the skin. The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by the pigmented areas like sunspots or age spots. The age spots break down, and your body naturally removes the injured tissue….

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