A dermatologist can help you look younger- learn how

Aging - Dermatologist Charlotte NC

  Dealing with signs of aging As our skin ages, it changes so gradually that it may be difficult to notice. One day, you may look in the mirror or see a picture of yourself and wonder, “when did I start to look so old?” If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. In fact, a recent study showed that 42% of women said that they had or would consider cosmetic surgery to look younger. As the technology behind cosmetic dermatology advances, getting younger looking skin is easier than ever- and the results can be incredibly natural. As a result, anti-aging treatments are more popular and more accessible for millions of women. Cosmetic dermatology practices With all of the medical options available today, anti-aging treatments are so much more than just the facelift that was the first popular procedure. Your dermatologist can help guide you towards the treatment that is right for you, from a gentle topical treatment to a more involved procedure. Some of the most common anti-aging treatments recommended and administered by dermatologists include: Injectibles: This popular class of drugs includes Botox and Juvederm. Injectible treatments can be administered by your dermatologist in his or her office….

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Ballantyne dermatologist- how to choose the best

Ballantyne dermatologist - Charlotte, NC

Ballantyne Dermatologist for your Charlotte skincare needs Are you looking for a new dermatologist in the Ballantyne/Charlotte NC area? If so, you may not know where to start. There is a lot of choice, and it can be hard to determine exactly which doctor or practice is a perfect fit for your needs. Regardless of whether you require medical, surgical, or aesthetic dermatology, there are some factors that you should consider before you choose your dermatologist. Making an informed decision is important for both your health and your relationship with your doctor. What to look for in your Ballantyne dermatologist Consider these factors when you are evaluating a new dermatologist: Background: Good skin health is vital for your appearance and overall well-being. Some skin concerns, such as melanoma, can even be deadly. Given this, you want to make sure that your new Ballantyne dermatologist has the right combination of education and experience to treat any of your skin concerns. Even if you are only looking for an annual checkup, you will want to choose a doctor that is equipped to help you with any problems down the road. Convenience: You should visit a dermatologist at least once a year- more…

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Ballantyne dermatologists offers medical and cosmetic services

Ballantyne Experienced Dermatologist - Charlotte NC

When to see a Charlotte dermatologist A Ballantyne dermatologist might be just the answer you need to your skin problems, large or small. Too often, people avoid going to the dermatologist because they think it’s unnecessary, or that their nagging skin issue isn’t “serious” enough to warrant a professional. Many times, a patient will waste money on ineffective over the counter remedies for skin problems that could be quickly and easily attended by a dermatologist. It’s smart to see a Ballantyne experienced dermatologist at least once a year for a checkup. This is necessary for important screenings, including skin cancer screening. However, there’s also a lot of other reasons to see a Ballantyne or Charlotte NC dermatologist. For some people, this may include medical or cosmetic issues. Types of dermatology Dermatology can be subdivided into medical, cosmetic, and surgical. Medical dermatology is the treatment of illnesses or ailments of the skin. Some of these ailments might include acne, psoriasis, eczema, extremely dry skin, rashes, and more. Medical dermatology can also include treatment of issues related to the hair and nails. Cosmetic dermatology focuses on aesthetic issues rather than ailments. Cosmetic dermatology can help improve the appearance of the skin. Oftentimes,…

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Ballantyne dermatologist specializes in cosmetic dermatology

Ballantyne best dermatologist - Charlotte, NC

What is cosmetic dermatology? Your Ballantyne best dermatologist can effectively treat visual imperfections using cosmetic dermatology. Cosmetic dermatology is the practice of addressing or eliminating skin flaws, such as signs of aging, scars, age spots, acne, and more. Cosmetic dermatology is practiced by medical professionals. Cosmetic dermatology is distinct from medical dermatology because it focuses specifically on treating the visual appearance of conditions, even if the condition itself may not be harmful or dangerous. Cosmetic dermatology can take many forms, ranging from topical applications to surgery. Some common treatments utilized by Ballantyne dermatologists include: BBL (Broad Based Light) for acne, scarring, or pigmentation Anti aging fillers, such as Juvederm or BOTOX Chemical peels and laser skin peels Microdermabrasion Body contouring Surgical removal of skin tags, moles, or other skin flaws Spider vein removal And many more How can cosmetic dermatology help me? Aesthetic conditions commonly treated by a Ballantyne best dermatologist include acne, scarring, wrinkles, dark circles, skin tags, spider veins, excessive hair growth, and many more. If you suffer from these or similar conditions, cosmetic dermatology might be right for you. While skin flaws may not be dangerous, they can impact your quality of life. Many people may feel…

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Ballantyne dermatologist combats signs of aging

Signs of Aging - Ballantyne experienced dermatologist

Ballantyne Dermatologist- Impacts of aging on the skin A Ballantyne dermatologist in Charlotte NC can help mitigate or even eliminate some of these unsightly marks. The visible impacts of aging on the skin is something few people want to flaunt. Aging of the skin can manifest itself many different ways, including lines and wrinkles, texture changes, and discoloration. Wrinkles, lines, and furrows occur when the skin loses its natural elasticity over time. This can be further exacerbated by exposure to sun and weather, and factors such as genetics and smoking. Texture changes are also a common indicator of skin aging. Older skin may look and feel thinner, drier, and “crepe-y”. It will not have the same softness or dewiness of younger skin. Discoloration, or age spots, are small, dark blemishes that appear on the surface of the skin over time. These may form on the hands, face, or elsewhere on the body. Like other signs of aging, the formation of age spots is influenced by genetics and lifestyle factors. How a dermatologist can reverse signs of aging There’s certainly nothing exciting or attractive about developing these visual signs of aging. However, many people feel resigned to them- they think that…

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