Dermatologists explain year-round skin care

Acne and Ballantyne dermatologists - Charlotte, NC

Dermatologists recommended skin care Dermatologists constantly remind their patients about the importance of changing their skincare regimen with the seasons. Most people are more keenly aware of their skin condition when they wear less clothing in the summer, but we need to pay attention year-round to keep their skin healthy. We recommend that you consider the following strategies to keep your skin healthy in every season. Spring skin care The goal for Spring is to help your skin recuperate from the harsh winter season, and prepare it for spending more time outdoors. Here are a few Spring-time tips: Add the oncoming fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. You will naturally absorb nutrients that keep your skin healthy. For example, berries and green-leafy vegetables are high in vitamin C, which can help you achieve glowing skin. Vitamin A, another nutrient that benefits both your skin and your eyes, can be found in salmon, sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe. Because the Spring is a time of changing weather, wear layers to warm up or cool down. Carry gloves with you to protect your hands during cooler days. Summer demands on skin Summer is when we spend the most time outside, and the…

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Cosmetic dermatology advice regarding important vitamins for skin and hair

Cosmetic dermatology - Charlotte, NC

Cosmetic dermatology goals Cosmetic dermatology centers around aesthetic appeal of the skin, hair, nails, lips and mouth. Good skincare begins with proper nutrition. Sun protection is the prime objective for anti-aging strategy, but your skin also needs the right nutrients to stay healthy and young looking. Knowing which vitamin provides specific benefits; will help you understand what you should or need to focus on. Consider our short list of the best vitamins you should be giving your skin. Vitamin A Functions as an antioxidant; and can be found in foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, and cantaloupe. Retinoid is a type of A vitamin; and can be found in beef, eggs, and dairy products. Creams containing derivatives of vitamin A are effective for treating wrinkles. Vitamin C Vitamin C is also an antioxidant and is vital for the overall health of your skin. Vitamin C is absorbed by eating citrus fruit, bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes, and many other greens. Vitamin C helps create collagen, a type of connective tissue that keeps our skin firm. Vitamin E Another antioxidant, vitamin E, can make your skin beautiful because it is an oil-soluble vitamin that protects the skin from free radical damage…

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Ballantyne dermatologist offers tips to prepare for a consultation

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Ballantyne dermatologist in Charlotte Ballantyne dermatologist handles everything from treating blemishes to diagnosing skin cancer. The goal of every board-certified dermatologist is to help their patients pinpoint the underlying cause(s) of their skin, hair, and nail issues. Our goal here is to provide tips that will ensure a more productive consultation. Consider the following: Make a list Even if you are not sure what is actually wrong with your skin, making a list of concerns beforehand will guarantee a productive and informative consultation. In the list, be sure to include: A detailed account of your family history Medications you take and your overall skin concerns Information on any past dermatologist visits If you have been previously diagnosed with skin diseases If you did or did not respond well to a treatment in the past Do you have photos? Bringing in some helpful photographs can be a great way to document skin conditions that are sporadic. Photos can definitely show your dermatologist just exactly what is going on. Photographs are also a great resource in regard to cosmetic procedures. Bringing in photos of yourself at a younger age can help your dermatologist to understand what you are hoping to achieve. Have…

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Halo by Sciton: Is it worth it?

What is Halo by Sciton? Halo by Sciton is the first and only hybrid fractional laser that effectively delivers both ablative and non-ablative treatment to particular areas. Patients commonly report achieving maximum results with greatly reduced downtime. This unique system can provide separate treatments for both the top layer of skin and deep levels of skin known as the dermis. After a few treatments, patients can see a marked improvement in skin issues. Commonly treated skin issues Freckles and age spots Vascular Lesions or small blood vessels Loose skin areas Uneven skin tone and texture The benefits of Halo by Sciton In addition to outstanding results, Halo by Sciton offers patients many other benefits as well: Because your dermatologist is able to use multiple wavelengths, he or she is able to precisely and accurately treat problem areas. Halo by Sciton allows patients to the best of two worlds in a single treatment session. Halo can rejuvenate skin as effectively as chemical peels, while offering the minimal downtime that is expected for BBL (Broad Band Light) treatments. Halo treatments provide long-lasting results. Halo is preferred over other laser treatments because it targets the precise depth needed to address the underlying causes…

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Vanquish ME is ideal for non-surgical fat reduction in Charlotte

DSCMD- vanquish- after 6 treatments.

Vanquish ME for non-surgical fat reduction Vanquish ME is an ideal solution for many who have looked into liposuction or other body contouring treatments. Some procedures are too invasive or too expensive. VANQUISH ME is an advanced system for body shaping and fat reduction on the abdomen and thighs. It provides selective RF technology that targets the largest treatment area in a single session. Vanquish treats problematic areas of the midsection by targeting deep tissue layers without damage to the skin or surrounding tissue. Vanquish ME technology heats stubborn fat cells just enough to allow for them to breakdown, transforming them into waste, which the body will naturally flush away. The benefits of Vanquish ME No needles or anesthesia required Little risk of side effects Treatments can be performed in less than an hour No downtime between treatments Experience results as soon as the first few sessions Fat reduction without surgery The best candidate for Vanquish ME Any healthy adult who is looking for a noninvasive solution to reduce unwanted belly fat is a good candidate for Vanquish ME™. Women and men should be no more than about 20 pounds overweight. Those who carry extra weight or have irregular contours…

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