How to reduce fat without surgery using Vanquish ME

Vanquish ME - Charlotte, NC

Eliminating stubborn body fat More and more women are turning to Vanquish ME to help them melt away stubborn body fat. As we age, it can become harder and harder to lose weight. The fat that collects around the hips, thighs, and midsection can be particularly challenging to shed. While diet and exercise can help you lose weight, it may not be enough. It’s impossible to “target” areas for weight loss with diet and exercise. That’s where cosmetic treatments come in. Liposuction, cool sculpting, and selective RF treatment are some of the options for cosmetic fat reduction. What makes Vanquish ME different Vanquish ME is different from liposuction and cool sculpting because it is completely contact free. It also is much more comfortable than other treatments. Vanquish ME works to disrupt fat cells through selective heating of adipose tissue. This leads to a reduction in the circumference of the treated area. The procedure can cover a large area at once, making it a cost effective option. It also does not have restrictions on BMI. Unlike other treatments, Vanquish ME can be used by individuals of any body mass index. You don’t have to worry about pain, healing, bruising, or down…

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Forever Young BBL: Advanced anti-aging treatment

Forever Young BBL - Charlotte, NC

Light treatments for anti-aging You may be hearing a lot about broadband light treatments for anti-aging. That’s because technology in this area has advanced to the point where you may be able to see amazing results from a course of treatment. Therapies like Forever Young BBL can smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reduce uneven skin tone, and restore a youthful glow to skin. While broadband light therapy has been used in cosmetic applications for many years, recent advances in technology have made this non-invasive treatment more effective and popular than ever. Among the many broadband light products available on the market, Forever Young BBL stands out. How Forever Young BBL is different Forever Young BBL is the most complete and versatile broadband light system in its class. It uses advanced dual lamp technology, smart filters, finesse adaptors, and precision cooling for a comfortable treatment. Forever Young is the only device that has been clinically shown to alter the expression of genes associated with aging and longevity.  It stimulates changes in tone, texture, pigmentation and elasticity that combine to create a fresher, younger appearance. It is completely non-invasive and is comfortable. The treatments can be administered in your dermatologist’s office with…

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Types of skin cancer

Skin cancer - Charlotte, NC

What is skin cancer? Any kind of skin cancer can be scary. However, there are distinct differences between the different types of skin cancers that can impact prognosis and treatment. Skin cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells. It can occur in people of any age, gender, and race, although there are some risk factors that make one more likely to develop skin cancers. Skin cancer is closely correlated to exposure to UV rays, and in some cases it may also be genetic. Skin cancer can take many different forms. It may be a mole, a bump, or a growth. Skin cancer can be flesh colored or a range of colors from black, to blue, to red and more. The surface of a cancerous growth may be scaly or rough. What are the types of skin cancer? There are several different types of cancer, but the main ones are: Basal cell carcinoma- common in people with fair skin, this growth can look pinkish or flesh colored. It is commonly seen on areas of the skin that received frequent sun exposure. Squamous cell carcinoma- may look like a red bump, scaly patch, or sore. These also form on areas…

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Cosmetic dermatology for dull and uneven skin

Cosmetic dermatology - Charlotte, NC

Common aesthetic skin concerns Sometimes, skin concerns can sneak up on us. Changes may not be dramatic, but over time, your skin’s appearance can gradually change. If you look closely, you may start to notice sunspots and discoloration that weren’t there before. Or, you may get the sense that your skin is duller overall and has lost the healthy and radiant glow of youth. Skin loses collagen and elastin over time, resulting in a reduction of firmness and radiance. A lifetime’s exposure to the sun’s UV rays can manifest in dark spots on the face, chest, and hands. These small hallmarks of aging can make us appear older than we are, or older than we want to look. Thankfully, cosmetic dermatology can assist with these issues. How cosmetic dermatology can help Cosmetic dermatology is the medical treatment of the skin’s appearance. It is distinguished from medical dermatology by the fact that cosmetic dermatology focuses specifically on aesthetics, not on illnesses or ailments. You can receive cosmetic dermatology procedures from a licensed medical doctor. In many cases, the same dermatologist that you see for your annual skin checkup and any medical concerns will be able to help you with cosmetic dermatology…

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How does Halo by Sciton work?

Halo by Sciton - Charlotte NC

What is Halo by Sciton? If you are looking to dramatically improve the appearance of your skin without the downtime of aggressive treatments, Halo by Sciton might be an excellent choice for you. Halo is a laser treatment that can generate significant improvement in the appearance of your skin. Halo is used to treat dark spots, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, and more. This laser is a popular choice because it uses hybrid fractional laser technology, which optimizes results while minimizing discomfort and downtime associated with treatment. How does a hybrid fractional laser work? Halo by Sciton is the first and only hybrid fractional laser technology available on the market. This allows it to achieve unparalleled results with convenience that is valued by patients. Generally, lasers come in two types- ablative and non-ablative. Ablative lasers are capable of achieving dramatic results, but they are a little bit harsher on the skin. Treatment with an ablative laser may result in discomfort, redness, peeling, and downtime. Ablative lasers, on the other hand, are much gentler. However, their results are not as impactful as the ablative laser. Halo by Sciton combines these technologies to achieve the best of both ablative and non…

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