Dermatologist: Four more reasons to visit one a Charlotte

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When to see a Charlotte dermatologist We have consistently covered all the most common reasons to visit a Charlotte dermatologist. Let’s look at some of the skin, hair, and nail problems that should also be evaluated as dermatology issues. What do you do when: You notice lots of hair on the shower floor every day A new mole on your forearm A change in the texture or color of your skin Your nails become thick or brittle Groups of hardened bumps appear on your skin? Do you consider these to be normal events, or should you be concerned? Most of the time, the most common reaction is to ignore the problem or to try to self-treat with over-the-counter products. The best solution is to schedule an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist. We have listed four such problems: Nail problems Normally, our nails are clear, uniform in thickness, and pliable. There is a problem if your nails beak often, feel brittle, or becomes thickened. When nails separate from the nail bed, it could be a sign of skin disease, infection, or injury. Your Charlotte dermatologist can help determine which of these is causing your nail issues and will be able to…

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Halo by Sciton: Charlotte skin repair with minimal downtime

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What is Halo? If you have considered skin rejuvenation by laser, Halo by Sciton will give you the results you need, with a shorter downtime than other laser treatments. The goal is to give your skin a youthful glow that is superior to any other anti-aging regimen. After a long, hot, humid summer, our skin is damaged from exposure to the harsh environment, stress, or simply as part of the aging process. You will discover that the superior results from laser treatment will not only improve your appearance, it will boost your confidence. The Halo Laser is different from traditional laser treatment in that it is what doctors call a hybrid fractional laser. Other lasers work on a single targeted level, whereas the Halo laser targets both the top and bottom layers of the skin at the same time. How many treatments will I need? Consult with your Charlotte dermatologist to determine how many treatments you will need. First, your skin will be assessed, and you will determine your realistic goals for skin rejuvenation. Most likely, you will get to decide how many treatments you will have. You can choose between one or two aggressive treatments, or if you choose…

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Cosmetic dermatology tips for Charlotte, NC

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The need for cosmetic dermatology Cosmetic dermatology experts in Charlotte know that your skin care habits can be a big factor, when it comes to prematurely aging skin. In fact, some of your most sincere efforts to rejuvenate your skin may age it. Countless numbers of men and women follow skin care routines for years, even though they fail to see positive results. Aging skin is a natural fact of life, but there is a noticeable difference in skin that ages naturally, and skin that ages prematurely. Consider the following cosmetic procedures and skin care regimens that can give your skin the best chance at staying healthy.  Wash your face Make a solemn effort to cleanse your face twice a day. Not only to remove environmental pollutants, it is also unhealthy to sleep with makeup on. Give your face a thorough, yet gentle cleansing, especially at bedtime. Go easy with chemical and mechanical astringents. Your skin produces natural oils that are intended to protect you, and if you wash your face until it is squeaky clean, you have essentially stripped off your skin’s natural protection. Check with your Charlotte dermatologist, and have your skin evaluated. You may be someone who…

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Ballantyne dermatologist tips for acne skin care in the fall

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Ballantyne dermatologist acne treatment Have you scheduled a visit with your Ballantyne dermatologist for acne treatment? It seems hard to believe, but shorter days and cooler temperatures are right around the corner. A visit to your dermatologist will help you determine how much your skincare routine may need adjusting. The hot and humid weather of summer has been tough on acne sufferers, but the fall is the time of year when acne sufferers report the greatest number of breakouts. This is because dry windy weather causes dead skin cells to shed faster, creating a greater chance for pores to clog and become infected, which can lead to blemishes. Just as the seasons cause us to change our wardrobe, we also need to change our skincare and makeup routines. Charlotte dermatologist offers examples of appropriate fall season skincare for acne prone skin: Exfoliate and moisturize You should be particularly aware that exfoliation is essential during the fall and winter months. This is necessary to keep your pores from clogging with dead skin cells. Ask your Charlotte dermatologist to recommend the proper cleanser. What you used to keep oil under control during the summer months may be a too harsh for the…

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Problems with my skin: Itching and burning

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Skin irritation and causes “Problems with my skin,” can mean so many things, but today the focus is on contact dermatitis. It is an inflammatory reaction of the skin, that occurs after exposure to substances. Our skin is the largest organ of the human body. It protects our body from harmful elements in the environment. At the same time, it also plays a major role in our appearance and beauty. Your skin will be exposed to tens of thousands of substances over the course of your lifetime, and many of these substances can cause contact dermatitis. This includes even substances that are intended to touch our skin such as cosmetics, shampoos, pets, and clothing. To certain individuals, common everyday items can contain potentially irritating components. Symptoms of contact dermatitis Symptoms of contact dermatitis can vary from one individual to the next. Symptoms are known to range from mild redness of the skin, to a severe reaction known as anaphylaxis. For some people, soaps, foods, and even water can be considered skin irritants. Extended exposure to any irritant is the beginning of contact dermatitis. Patients will notice symptoms such as itching, dry, chapped, flaking skin; and patches of scaly skin. In…

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