Why to see a dermatologist

Do you need to see a Ballantyne dermatologist? There are many reasons to go to the skin doctor. In fact, it is a smart idea to regularly see a dermatologist- at least once a year. Common reasons for regular dermatological visits include:

  • Skin cancer screening- Skin cancer impacts 20% of adults. You will want to get regular screenings to ensure any issues are caught early.
  • Examination of skin concerns: Get treatment for acne, dryness, psoriasis, and more from a dermatologist
  • Product, treatment, or lifestyle recommendations: Are you looking for a more effective cleanser? Do you want to halt the progression of signs of aging on your skin? Your dermatologist is a go-to source for these types of questions or issues.
  • Care of hair and nails: Your dermatologist looks at more than just your skin. Issues of the hair and nails, such as hair loss or dry, brittle nails can also be treated by your Ballantyne dermatologist.

Reasons for urgent dermatologist visits

Besides these common dermatological concerns, there may also be situations where you need to see a dermatologist urgently. In such cases, you will want to visit a practice that can get you in right away.

Reasons for emergency dermatology visits may include:

  • Sudden flare up of a skin condition, such as a severe acne breakout psoriasis breakout
  • Sudden skin changes that could be dangerous, like a rapidly growing or changing mole
  • Urgent aesthetic concerns, such as a cyst just before your wedding day or a very severe sunburn

In such cases, you don’t want to go on a waiting list of make an appointment that is several months out. Work with a dermatologist that values your time and will see you right away.

Finding your Ballantyne dermatologist fast

Do you need to see a dermatologist right away? If so, and if you live in or around the Charlotte NC area, then Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte just might be the perfect choice for your needs. Dr. Deborah Nixon and her team are well trained all aspects of dermatology, including medical, surgical, and cosmetic care. Whatever your dermatological emergency, it is a safe bet that Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte will be able to help. Best of all, they can give you an appointment and see you quickly. To schedule your visit, call Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte for more information- including hours and accepted insurance coverage.

You don’t need to wait to get an appointment with a qualified Ballantyne dermatologist. The experienced team at Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte can see you quickly and treat you effectively, allowing you to get on with your life. Trust your skin care to an experienced physician- contact Dr. Deborah Nixon and her team today to schedule your emergency appointment.


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