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The best makeup for acne

The Ballantyne dermatologists treat many patients with acne, and want to offer suggestions for using makeup without making the situation worse. Patients who have acne should use a foundation that covers up the redness of acne pimples, yet still makes the skin look smooth. We have all experienced the use of foundation that is too oily, or that fails to adequately hide the dryness and peeling that is often caused by acne medications. The goal is to apply makeup that looks natural, and that will not cause additional breakout. Start by scheduling a visit with a board-certified dermatologist, who can suggest over the counter remedies or prescription treatments, whichever provides the best acne skin care. Here, reliable Ballantyne dermatologist wants to offer some suggestions that help you choose foundation base and powders wisely.

Give your skin a break

Although it is tempting, it is best not to wear foundation or concealer over pimples all day long. Covering the problem may improve your appearance, but these products usually contain ingredients that help them stick to the skin for long periods of time. Part of what makes them so convenient and long-lasting, is also what makes them stick and stay in the pores. In other words, extended use of “long lasting” foundations and concealers causes plugging of the pores, making your acne worse.

Tips for foundation

Consider use of a liquid foundation according to a reliable Ballantyne dermatologist. These types of products are either water or silicone based, and not oil based. Look for foundation that is labeled “non-comedogenic” or “non-acnegenic.” A non-comedogenic label means that the product will not plug the pores, usually causing blackheads and red pimples. A non-acnegenic label means that the product will not irritate the pore opening, causing red bumps and pimples.

Covering pimples

When covering pimples, be sure to apply the liquid foundation to your entire face. Then you can press on mineral powder with a sponge. For real obvious pimples, place a drop of foundation on your fingertip, and pat it directly on the pimple. After letting it dry for a minute or two, press on mineral powder with sponge to set. Avoid rubbing from side to side with the sponge, or the foundation and coverage will wipe off according to a reliable Ballantyne dermatologist.

Ballantyne area dermatologists

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