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Dealing with age spots

Increasing numbers of Charlotte residents are seeing their Ballantyne dermatologist for the treatment of brown spots, or age spots on their face or body. Brown spots or age spots should not be confused with freckles, which commonly appears on the face and body of people with fair skin and red or blonde hair. Age spots or brown patches are typically seen on the face, arms, and hands of adults, and are caused as a result of excessive exposure to the sun over their lifetime.

Age spots can be treated

Charlotte dermatologists see patients every day with age spots of varying degrees. Some patients have only one or two spots, while others have a significant number of spots in a variety of places. Brown spots can be an issue for some patients, particularly if they are in an area that is very noticeable, such as on the forehead or on the face. The good news is that they can be successfully treated by a dermatologist.

It is important thing to remember that you should always have any spot or dark-colored area examined by your physician as soon as possible. After an initial examination, if he or she deems it necessary, your doctor will refer you to a dermatologist for a closer evaluation. Most age related brown spots are benign, and not a medical concern. Once cancer has been ruled out, age spots are simply a cosmetic concern that affects our appearance and self-image.

Treatment Options

Some people resort to the use of makeup, but with very dark brown spots, makeup cannot sufficiently or consistently hide them well. Additionally, heavy makeup is not really an option in the hot and humid Charlotte summers. Your Ballantyne dermatologist can offer the following treatments and products:



Although treatments and products are available, prevention is the key to avoiding brown spots.  However, if you do get them, a treatment regimen can reduce or eliminate them. Once your Ballantyne dermatologist has helped to diminish or eliminate your age spots, the best way to prevent a recurrence is by using sunscreen and wearing sun-protective clothing.

Age spot treatment from your Ballantyne dermatologists

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