Understanding age spots

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Your Ballantyne dermatologist knows that no one likes to see the appearance of age spots on their face or body. These characteristic brown and black spots, commonly occur on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun. They are commonly known as age spots, sun spots, or even liver spots. The last description is somewhat puzzling because they have nothing to do with the liver. Age spots should not be confused with freckles, which usually appear on the face and body of adults and children with fair skin and red or blonde hair. Age spots are distinctive patches or spots that are typically found on the face, arms and hands after years of excessive exposure to the sun.

When you notice age spots

Charlotte has its fair share of patients with age spots. Some people only have one or two, while others must deal with many spots in a variety of places on their body. Brown spots can be bothersome for some people, especially if the spots are in a prominent part of face. The good news is that they can be treated. It is important that the first time you notice a spot or dark-colored area, schedule a consultation with the Ballantyne dermatologist or dermatology specialists in the Ballantyne area. He or she will examine the area of concern, and advise you of the most appropriate treatment options.

Ballantyne dermatologist Treatment for age spots

Age related spots are usually benign, and not a real medical concern, they are a cosmetic concern. Makeup may temporarily help, but with very dark or multiple spots, makeup cannot hide them sufficiently. Here in Charlotte, heavy makeup in the hot and humid summers can be very uncomfortable. Your Ballantyne dermatologist can treat brown spots in several ways.

Prevention is the key to avoiding brown spots, however if you do get them, the proper treatment regimen can diminish or eliminate them. Once the spots have been treated, you will need to prevent a recurrence is by use of sunscreen and sun-protective clothing when you are outside.

Ballantyne area dermatologists

Sun protection for your skin goes beyond avoiding sunburned skin, wrinkles, freckles, and age spots, although you want to avoid these problems that make skin look older, one of the most impactful health advantages is reducing your risk of skin cancer. Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte can provide high quality and innovative treatment in a caring and professional environment. Dr. Nixon is a board certified Charlotte dermatologist whose dedication, experience, and knowledge will provide the best possible treatment for your skin, hair, and reliable cosmetic dermatology concerns.

Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte also offers medical, reliable cosmetic dermatology, and surgical dermatology; including removal of skin cancer. We provide a full range of cosmetic offerings such as skin tightening, fat reduction, chemical peels, Botox:registered: treatments, microdermabrasion, and more. We provide treatment for both adult and pediatric patients. Call our office today for a skin care evaluation and analysis of your sun damaged skin, or any other skin condition.


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