Microneedling with Rejuvapen

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Your Ballantyne area dermatologist offers Fractional Collagen Induction Therapy, which is also known as Microneedling. The Rejuvapen™ is a remarkable, non-surgical treatment that effectively causes your skin to stimulate collagen production and new tissue. Consequently, your skin will look younger as wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation are significantly diminished. Many people have questions about Microneedling and what it entails. We want to offer some facts about this innovative skin treatment that adds to the number of effective ways that we can improve the appearance of our skin.

Are you a candidate for Rejuvapen™?

Many patients are wondering if the treatment is right for them. The following is a list of the most common reasons people seek Microneedling therapy:

  • A smaller pore size
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lift, tighten, and rejuvenate skin
  • Increase collagen and elastin levels
  • Improve appearance related to acne scarring
  • Treat hyperpigmentation
  • Activate cell regeneration

How Microneedling works

Microneedling is based on the use of tiny needles to create micro channels in the skin. The will enhance the skin’s natural ability to heal itself and stimulate the process that produces collagen and elastin. This repair process results in a thicker dermis, and softened wrinkles or scars. The process is considered non-invasive, and the small channels in the skin closes very quickly. The skin begins a healing response right away. Depending on the depth of the skin defect, you may see only redness or you may experience some pinpoint bleeding which stops almost immediately.

After the procedure, your skin will likely feel warm and tight. Typically, the healing time depends upon the severity of the skin damage, and the depth of the procedure. Commonly, there is some redness that resembles mild sunburn. This redness could last for 2-4 days, although some patients report that the redness dissipated within 24 hours. In some cases, there will be some minor bleeding and in rare cases, some mild bruising. As with most procedures, older patients, and those who have naturally more sensitive skin may take longer to fully recover.

Ballantyne area dermatologist

If you are seeking a non-invasive, non-surgical solution for rejuvenating aging skin, Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte can provide high quality and innovative treatment in a caring and professional environment. Dr. Nixon is a board certified Charlotte dermatologist whose dedication, experience, and knowledge will provide the best possible treatment for your skin, hair, and reliable cosmetic dermatology concerns.

Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte also offers medical, reliable cosmetic dermatology, and surgical dermatology; including removal of skin cancer. We provide a full range of cosmetic offerings such as skin tightening, fat reduction, chemical peels, Botox:registered: treatments, microdermabrasion, and more. We provide treatment for both adult and pediatric patients. Call our office today for a skin care evaluation and analysis of your sun damaged skin, or any other skin condition.


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