ASDS Consumer Survey 2015

A recent ASDS (American Society for Dermatologic Surgery) Survey states that the physician of choice is a DERMATOLOGIST for Cosmetic Medical Procedures in 7 categories:ASDS procedures infographic 2015

  1. Injectable wrinkle relaxers
  2. Varicose and Spider Vein Treatments
  3. Laser / Light Therapy for skin redness, tones and scars
  4. Ultrasound / Laser and Light and Radio frequency treatments for skin tightening and wrinkles
  5. Laser Hair Removal
  6. Microdermabrasions
  7. Chemical Peels

Out of the  7,315 surveyed, 5 out of 10 are considering a cosmetic medical procedure.

What bothers us the most? Survey says:

  • Excess weight- 88%
  • Skin texture or discoloration- 72%
  • Lines and wrinkles around and under the eyes- 69%
  • Sagging facial skin- 67%
  • Lines, wrinkles or folds in mid-face around the cheeks and mouth- 64%
  • Links and wrinkly skin on neck and chest- 60%
  • Lines and wrinkles in the forehead area- 56%
  • Lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows – 55%
  • Hair loss- 43%
  • Acne Scars- 27%

Top reason for seeking a cosmetic medical procedure is to look as young as they feel.

ASDS Consumer Survey 2015 from ASDS on Vimeo.



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