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Extended Hours:  Extended hours to 5 pm  Monday-Thursday for students and teachers follow up appointments with our physician assistants.

New No Show Policy:  We have implemented a no show or late cancellation policy.  Please review this policy and cancel your appointment at least 24 hours prior to the appointment to avoid fees.


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Living with Atopic Dermatitis

Jennie Finch, a world champion softball pitcher, has had atopic dermatitis (AD) a long time. By working with a dermatologist to control it, she has found ways to stay healthy and active both on and off the field.Atopic Dermatitis- Jennie Finch

Now she’s sharing her story and tips in a new video, Atopic dermatitis: A guide for patients. In this video, you’ll also meet a dermatologist who helps her patients with AD, the most common type of eczema, live comfortably in their own skin. You’ll also discover how 3 patients control their AD so that it doesn’t control their lives.

For anyone who has AD, this inspiring video is a must-see.

Atopic dermatitis video library

What dermatologists tell their patients: We have so many therapies to help patients with atopic dermatitis, which we didn’t have in the past.

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• Eczema: Tips to help your child feel better (2:47)

Lupus flares on skin can be reducedexample of lupus

Yes, there really are things you can do to reduce lupus flares on your skin. Protecting your skin from the sun and being very gentle with your skin can definitely help. This month, which is Lupus Awareness Month, is a great time to discover what else you can do.

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Hugh Jackman encouraging everyone to wear sunscreenHelp stop skin cancer- DSCMD- Ballantyne dermatologist
In February, actor Huge Jackman was again treated for skin cancer. Now he’s urging everyone to use sunscreen and get regular skin exams. You’ll discover Jackman’s reason for going public with his treatment for skin cancer by going to:

See Hugh Jackman’s plea to fans after removal of cancerous growth

On Prevent skin cancer

Treat head lice safely and effectively at home
Despite the new super-strains of head lice, dermatologists say that it is still possible to get rid of lice using treatment you can buy without a prescription.

One pediatric dermatologist says that these treatments still work much of the time. In an interview, she shared advice for getting the best results from these treatments. She and another dermatologist also spoke about treatments that you may want to avoid.

If all else fails to get rid of the lice, there is one more option. You’ll find it along with ways to increase the effectiveness of head lice treatments at Super-strains of lice spread to 25 states: Are they in yours?

On  Head lice

Head lice: How to treat

Boils and styes: Dos and don’ts
Most people can safely treat these infections at home. In this video, you’ll learn what you can — and should do — to treat a boil or stye. You’ll also find out what to avoid and when you should see a dermatologist.

How to treat boils and styes

Camp Discovery: Referral form due April 8
Camp Discovery brings together children from all walks of life who have one thing in common — a serious long-term skin disease. While their disease may prevent them from attending other summer camps, at Camp Discovery they are under the expert care of dermatologists and nurses. This allows them to participate in summer camp activities that they might not otherwise have an opportunity to enjoy. Most kids have so much fun, they cannot wait to return.

A child’s dermatologist must refer a first-time camper. You’ll find the referral form at Camp Discovery. Look for the referral form under For campers and their families.

Dermatologists share expert advice about acne, hair loss, and more
This month, dermatologists from around the world gathered in Washington D.C. They met to learn about and share findings from the latest scientific research in dermatology. Because these findings are so important to their patients’ lives, dermatologists also took time to share key findings and tips.

You’ll find the expertise that dermatologists shared on the following pages:






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