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Vanquish ME treatment questions and answers

Vanquish ME is a new fat removal that can remove pounds from your core. Dermatologists are now offering Vanquish ME to their patients so that they reach their ideal weight with the use of modern technology. Due to the wide array of fat-removal  procedures available on the market, knowing whether or not one is right for you can be difficult. This article will go through some common questions patients have about the procedure, and their answers. If you are interested in this procedure, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss if it is right for you.

What is Vanquish ME?

Radiofrequency technology is used to target and destroy fat cells with the Vanquish ME procedure. The RF rays never touch the skin, thus this treatment is non-invasive and much safer than other fat-removal procedures available on the market. No matter how much you diet and exercise, there are still certain portions of the body that has fat that just won’t budge. Areas like the stomach, love handles and thighs are great places to target with it, as traditional fat-loss methods don’t typically change these areas’ appearances.

Would I be a good candidate for Vanquish ME?

Vanquish ME can benefit a wide array of patients. Patients who have been following a diet and exercise routine for a while but still are not happy when they look in the mirror can definitely benefit their appearance with the treatments. If you have areas of your body that you are self-conscious of, such as the back, buttocks, love handles and stomach, then it can help remove fat from these areas and tone them. People who have a big occasion coming up in the future, such as a retirement party or wedding, can also benefit from it. Those who would not benefit from this procedure include those who are obese, and those who are looking for a surgical liposuction fat-removal method.

What is the treatment and recovery time like for Vanquish ME?

Since Vanquish ME uses RF and is completely non-invasive, patients typically report no feeling of discomfort before, or after the procedure. When this is compared to traditional surgical liposuction, which is typically very invasive and painful, one can see why it is such an exciting new procedure. There is no downtime to the procedure, and patients can typically resume work immediately following the treatment.

The Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte – your Vanquish ME specialists

Vanquish ME is provided by Dr. Deborah Nixon and her team of highly skilled skin specialists at the Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte, NC. If you are living in the Charlotte, NC area and are interested in toning your body, or in ridding your body of stubborn fat-deposits, call our office and schedule an appointment today.


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