Charlotte NC skin problem

Problems with my skin are destroying my quality of life

Problems with my skin should not be your regular dilemma. For many people across the country, skin problems can interfere with everyday activities, and can make seemingly easy tasks hard and problematic. By letting chronic skin problems go untreated, these easily mitigated issues can become big problems in the lives of many. There are many chronic skin conditions that can affect your everyday life.


If you are experiencing scaly, itchy or burning skin that just doesn’t seem to go away, you may be experiencing the symptoms of Psoriasis. Psoriasis is most commonly seen on the elbows, knees, scalp, feet, hands and genitals. Don’t let your psoriasis go untreated. Treatment of psoriasis can involve topical ointments, phototherapy, or even oral medications.


Eczema is another common Charlotte NC skin problem that oftentimes leaves patients wondering “what is this problem with my skin?” Eczema comes in a variety of different types, including atopic dermatitis, childhood atopic dermatitis and adolescent or adult atopic dermatitis depending on the age of appearance. Using hydrating creams, such as Avene, and DSC is how to treat Eczema. Moisture is key when lessening the symptoms of this Charlotte NC skin problem.


Those living with Rosacea are often left saying, “I am so tired of putting up with these problems with my skin.” Rosacea is categorized by a variety of skin lesions characterized by redness and swelling of the skin on the face, neck, scalp, chest, ears, eyes and back. Treatments for Rosacea Charlotte NC skin problem include specialized medication, laser or epilation treatments, and topical medications.


Acne is most often thought of as a cosmetic issue, however for the many suffers of this condition, it is a very serious condition that can destroy their quality of life. If not treated, acne can lead to scarring of the skin which can be permanent. Acne treatment involves using a variety of treatments including Microdermabrasion, BBL and BLU-U Acne Treatment and chemical peels.


Aside from being a cosmetic nuisance, moles have the ability to transform overtime into cancerous lesions if not taken care of early. If you have a suspicious looking mole and find yourself asking “What are these problems with my skin?” it is best to get the mole checked out by a dermatologist. The physician will inspect the mole and determine if mole removal is necessary.

Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte – qualified specialists to help treat the problems with your skin

If you are a person in Charlotte, NC and are experiencing any of these skin conditions, or simply wish to get your skin looked at by a professional, the Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte are here to help. Dr. Deborah Nixon has a long-standing history of providing the people of Charlotte, NC with dermatological services. Stop wondering, “What are these problems with my skin?” and book your appointment today.


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