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Springtime allergies and skin conditions

We have begun to hear from those who say that they dread the advent of spring because they have, “Problems with my skin.” Spring season and all of its allergens is on its way in many parts of the country. Anyone who is affected by contact dermatitis should stop and think about your skin. For example, gardening or tending to your landscape can be therapeutic for most of us. For some, it can be a challenging ordeal that will lead to unsightly and uncomfortable irritation of the skin. Others develop problems because they take medications that carry a side effect of sun sensitivity. For them, a few hours of pleasant activity can lead to a week or two looking like a lobster because of medication. It is important for everyone that we take simple precautions such as taking a shower or washing exposed areas after working or playing outdoors. A simple 5-minute shower can remove allergens such as pollens and mold spores from your skin and your hair.

Recognizing contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis affect individuals to varying degrees. Some may experience only mild redness and itching, while the truly unfortunate individuals can suffer a severe allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis. Contact dermatitis is caused by any substances that can irritate our skin. Soaps, foods, and water are generally considered to be mild irritants, but extended exposure to these substances can lead to developing contact dermatitis. The signs and symptoms of mild irritants usually are recognized as dry, chapped, and flaking skin; patches of red, swollen, and itchy skin; stinging and/or burning; the skin may crack and become excessively dry; sores and blisters may develop. Strong irritants like battery acid or fiberglass can cause an acute and painful reaction after just one short exposure.

Diagnosis and treatment of contact dermatitis

Finding the cause of your contact dermatitis requires a bit of detective work. Your Charlotte dermatologist will take a comprehensive medical and family history. You can also expect to answer detailed questions about your job, hobbies, pets, diet, and skin care products. Your dermatologist may perform patch testing to identify the exact irritant or allergen. Over 80% of patients who are diagnosed can successfully manage the condition without any serious problems.

Skin care solutions by your Charlotte dermatologist

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