Most bug bites and stings are harmless. Some, however, can cause an allergic reaction or even a serious disease. Would you recognize the signs?

This month’s video covers what you need to know. You’ll also learn when a bite or sting requires that you:

  • Head to the emergency room
  • See your dermatologist

You’ll find what you need to know by watching: Bug bites and stings: When to see a dermatologist



What Dermatologists Tell their Patients

While some sunscreens contain insect repellant, it’s best to buy these products separately. Sunscreen works best when slathered on every two hours — or more often. In most case, you need to apply insect repellant sparingly and less often.

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Your child’s eczema story could help other children
To help parents care for a child who has eczema; the Academy will publish a multimedia guide. We’re looking for inspiring tips from parents. Have you found a certain treatment that works for your child? Do you have a creative way to overcome an eczema trigger? Has teaming up with a dermatologist helped your child?Your insight could mean relief for many children living with eczema.Please take a few minutes to share your child’s eczema story.