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Same Day Appointments!: Same day appointments available with Lauren Wilson, PA-C and Shawne Caputo, PA-C!  Please take advantage of this limited opportunity.  Our schedules get packed over the holidays and before the end of the year.  Remember deductibles start over for most in January. Schedule your appointment now if you need to get an evaluation or treatment in prior to the end of this year.  If not, schedule in January and February when the office is less busy!

Extended Hours:  We have extended hours to 5 pm  Monday-Thursday. This allows students and teachers to schedule follow up appointments with our physician assistants.

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Warts can be scary!

wart treatments from Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte

A fake wart or two can enhance a scary Halloween costume. Having a real wart on your skin, however, can be something you’d rather hide than show.

If you’re bothered by a wart on your skin, be sure to watch this month’s video. You’ll find dermatologists’ tips for getting the best results from simple, at-home treatments like duct tape.

Home treatments for common warts.

What dermatologists tell their patients

Sometimes, you’ll see tiny black spots in a wart that look like seeds. This is actually dried blood and appears when the blood that feeds the wart has dried. It’s normal to see this.

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Hidradenitis suppurativa has FDA-approved treatment
In September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first treatment for this skin condition. It is a biologic with the generic name of adalimumab. This drug has been tested extensively in patients with hidradenitis suppurativa (HS).

Also called acne inversa, HS causes deep, painful breakouts that look like pimples or boils.shade structure grant

Treating HS is important. Without treatment, the breakouts tend to heal and reappear, often getting worse. The breakouts can rupture and leak a foul-smelling fluid. The area may begin to look spongy as tunnel-like tracts form deep in the skin.

For more information about HS:

Advanced melanoma: Patients survive longer when they receive 2 drugs
More studies show that combining drugs approved for advanced melanoma may help patients survive longer without their disease advancing. In one study, patients survived longer when they received both nivolumab and ipilimumab instead of just one of these drugs. In another study, patients who received both dabrafenib and trametinib had a higher survival rate than those receiving just one medicine approved for advanced melanoma.

About the studies:

Parents: Check your skin for signs of skin cancer
Skin cancer can sneak up on anyone, including busy parents. To help parents — and everyone else — find skin cancer early, dermatologists urge you to:

Academy helps you make wise health care decisions
Sometimes, a medical test or treatment is unnecessary. The Academy’s Choosing Wisely® list can help you start a conversation with your doctors to find out what dermatology tests and treatments are right for you. Academy makes 10 Choosing Wisely® recommendations. Read them here.


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