July 2017 Newsletter

Newsletter from Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte:  July 2017 FEATURED TOPIC Are you unknowingly causing more breakouts? Could some of your habits — such as scrubbing your face clean or popping pimples — be the reason you still have acne? Learn more about acne myths, and find out what’s preventing you from seeing clearer skin here.    PATIENT EDUCATION Types of acne and how to treat them Figuring out what type(s) of acne you have is important. Blackheads, pimples, and deep cysts all require different treatments. Learn how to treat different types of acne here.     Effective treatment for back acne Back acne can flare in summer. These dermatologists’ tips may help you clear it at home. Back acne: Click here to see how to see clearer skin.     Don’t pop, pick, or squeeze that zit Popping a pimple may seem like the fastest way to get rid of it, but this approach can backfire. Here’s what you should do instead. Pimple popping: Why only a dermatologist should do it. Learn more here.  Why treat acne when it first appears Seven science-backed reasons to treat acne when it first appears rather than hope it will clear on its own….

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June 2017 Newsletter

sunscreen - use it- Charlotte dermatologist

Newsletter from Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte:  June 2017 FEATURED TOPIC Quiz: What’s increasing your melanoma risk? It’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so we’re asking you one important question. Do you have risk factors that can increase your risk of developing melanoma, the most-serious skin cancer? You can quickly find out by taking this quiz discussing melanomas.   PATIENT EDUCATION Men vs. women: Who’s more likely to find melanoma? When it comes to finding melanoma on a partner’s skin, which sex do you think does a better job? You’ll find what the research shows at: Check Your Partner. Check Yourself- read the research here.   Genetic testing for melanoma has drawbacks This test isn’t right for everyone. Find out when it may be recommended. The genetic test for melanoma can tell you whether you have a mutation (change) in a gene that gives you an increased risk of developing melanoma. These mutations are passed down in the family tree. Should I get genetic testing for melanoma? Learn more by reading the article here.  Thinking of trying a natural remedy for skin cancer? Read these stories first. One man tried a natural remedy that he bought online and lost half of his nose….

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May 2017 Newsletter

Newsletter from Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte:  May 2017 FEATURED TOPIC Secrets that prevent bug bites, aging skin Bug bites: Many can be prevented Even when dining outdoors or hiking in a densely wooded area, you can prevent bug bites. This video shows you what you need to know on how to prevent bug bites. Click here to view.   PATIENT EDUCATION Can your sunscreen prevent skin cancer, aging skin? Not every sunscreen can. Find out whether your sunscreen is giving you the protection you need. Click here to see if you are using the right sunscreen. Genital herpes: Easier to catch than you think Anyone who is sexually active can catch this virus. Many people who catch the virus never know they have it because they don’t develop symptoms. They never get painful sores. Find out what you can do to reduce your risk of contracting Genital Herpes. Is fake news increasing your risk of skin cancer? Many skin cancers can be prevented; yet, skin cancer rates are rising. Are you unknowingly increasing your risk? Doctors will diagnose about 9,500 skin cancers a day in 2017. Many of these could have been prevented. Take this quiz to find out of misinformation is…

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Ballantyne dermatologist explains Psoriasis outbreak triggers

highly recommended ballantyne dermatologist - Charlotte, NC

Psoriasis outbreak triggers Charlotte’s Ballantyne dermatologist knows that there will be a rash (no pun intended) of psoriasis outbreaks with the onset of warm, dryer weather. This time of year, many psoriasis patients seek skin treatment from their doctor, or with over the counter creams and lotions. We want to help you alleviate some problems by helping you to understand what triggers or worsens psoriasis outbreaks. We want you to develop good habits and choices that will help you to improve your skin health. Consider the following common triggers: Dry weather As we mentioned earlier, warm weather is a common trigger for psoriasis outbreaks. It is important understand that these outbreaks are not as much about the heat as it is about the humidity. One of the common symptoms of psoriasis is itchy and scaly skin according to a highly recommended Ballantyne dermatologist. When there is a lack of humidity in the air, keeping your skin moisturized can help reduce symptoms. If necessary, your Charlotte dermatologist can write a prescription for the most appropriate product, or they can recommend the best over-the-counter moisturizers. Dealing with stress Often, we fail to make the connection between stress and exacerbation of a skin…

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April 2017 Newsletter

Newsletter from Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte:  April 2017 Office News INTRODUCING Jessica Norton, LE Jessica is an experienced esthetician from Kansas.  She professionally evaluates your skin and designs a custom treatment plan, based on your skin concerns. Jessica moved to Charlotte and became a part of the DSC Team in March 2017.  She works diligently with the most updated, cutting-edge technologies to provide you with the best treatments.  Her areas of specialization include laser procedures, BBL, fat reduction, treating unwanted redness and brown spots, and exfoliation treatments. Jessica takes pride on being very thorough, and effective while bringing a calm and relaxing touch to each of her services.   Helping you achieve a youthful, healthy glow that allows you to feel confident in your skin is her top priority! Certification Licensed and Certified in Esthetics in North Carolina Personal Background Jessica has been practicing esthetics since 2009 and has a background in Makeup Artistry as well.  She has worked with a dermatology practice in Kansas City for the last 4 years and recently moved to Charlotte. Call for your consultation! New Procedures to DSC Get the HALO glow!!  Ablative like results with minimal downtime.  Call for your consultation!  Seeing great results…

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