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Charlotte NC dermatologists can provide you with the health and beauty products you deserve. Not just a place for medical procedures, the dermatologist office is also a great place to find beauty products you can trust. Not just any product is going to be made available to you at a dermatologist’s office. These products will have gone through a vetting procedure that has made the doctor comfortable with using them, and that has also garnered the doctor’s personal support. Ranging from skin enhancers, to beauty tools, these products can offer you help with your beauty problems.

Lumiere Eye Cream

No one likes to look at puffy eyes with lines and wrinkles. The skin around the eyes is such a delicate area, and deserves only the best products. Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream hydrates the skin and helps to tone and firm it. Lumiere will reduce darkness that appears under the eyes, and will lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. This skin cream is ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, and is a safe and effective beauty product to add into your morning routine. A Charlotte dermatologist will be able to provide you with this revolutionary eye cream.


LATISSE is the first of its kind, and the only prescription approved by the FDA for growing fuller, longer and more pigmented eyelashes. LATISSE’s active ingredient is bimatoprost which may increase the amount of eyelashes in growth phase, and may make that phase longer. LATISSE is applied directly to the base of your upper eyelid once a day. After only four weeks of use, you will notice results, and after 16 weeks you will see full results. Charlotte NC dermatologists will be able to tell you if you are the right candidate for LATISSE.


The sun is our skin’s ultimate nightmare. The majority of the flaws and blemishes visible on our face are there because of the sun’s rays. However, the sun isn’t only responsible for our superficial skin problems, but it’s also responsible for skin cancer. ColoreScience is a line of mineral based makeup products that act to protect your skin from the sun’s dangerous rays with its SPF protection. If you are interested in protecting your skin and wearing beautiful makeup, Charlotte NC dermatologists will be able to discuss this makeup product with you further.

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Trust Dr. Deborah Nixon of Charlotte, NC and her team of skin care specialists to provide you with the high quality skin and beauty products you desire. Going through a dermatologist to acquire your beauty products is a smart, and safe choice. The people of Charlotte, NC go to the professionals of the Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte for all of their health and beauty needs. If you’re looking for a Charlotte dermatologist to provide you with your skin and beauty products, schedule your appointment today.


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