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Charlotte dermatologist has a few things to say about picking out a moisturizer that is going to benefit your skin. Many people will go to a grocery store, or a drug store, and simply pick a moisturizer that is on sale and within their price range. It’s very common for people to ignore the ingredients list on their moisturizer and use it regardless of what is in it. This is not good for your skin because you may be using a moisturizer that is full of harsh chemicals and damaging additives and not even know it! This Charlotte NC dermatologist is offering your a guide to use when picking out your next moisturizer.

Pick a moisturizer that goes with your skin type

Charlotte NC dermatologist knows that not all skin is created equal. Some skin is very dry, while other skin types can be oily and moist. Depending on the type of skin you have, you should pick out a moisturizer that is targeted at helping that specific type. Do you have skin that is prone to breaking out? Non-comedogenic moisturizers are going to be your best friend. These do not clog your pores, and will not cause you to form more pimples and blackheads. Those with skin that is sensitive should purchase a moisturizer that is both oil-free and fragrance-free. Oily skin benefits best from a moisturizer that is water-based and made with dimethicone. Finally, skin that is dry needs a moisturizer that has oil-based ingredients, such as glycerin, mineral oil, or shea butter.

Flexibility is key

When you first pick out a new moisturizer, Charlotte NC dermatologist suggests trying it out and seeing how your skin reacts to it. If you’re not getting the benefits you want from your moisturizer, then it is okay to throw it out and try a different one. You skin may also go through cycles, where sometimes it breaks out, and sometimes it doesn’t. Different moisturizers can help you with both of these conditions, so having a couple different moisturizers on hand may be beneficial. Depending on the season, you may also change up your moisturizer. Some people’s skin gets very dry in the winter, but is more normal in the summer.

You don’t need designer

Most moisturizers are made with the same ingredients, so you’re most likely not going to get more benefit from purchasing one that costs a lot of money. Some of the best moisturizers are cheap staples that have been at the drugstore for years. Simply check out the ingredient list on your moisturizer and buy the one that has ingredients targeted at improving your skin.

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