Skin cancer causes, symptoms and treatments

Skin Cancer - Charlotte NC

About skin cancer Skin cancer can impact almost anyone- young or old, male or female. Skin cancer can also develop on almost any area of the body. There are many different types of Charlotte NC Skin Cancer, and they may present differently. The best way to be vigilant against skin cancer is to regularly see your dermatologist. Types of skin cancer include: Melanoma Basal cell carcinoma Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans Merkel cell carcinoma And more Causes of skin cancer UV light exposure is a risk factor linked to many, but not all, skin cancers. Use of tanning beds, regular sun exposure, or frequent sunburn all significantly raise the risk of developing Charlotte NC Skin Cancer. This can be magnified in individuals who are light skinned and fair haired. For some types of cancer, previous injury or damage to the skin (such as a burn or scar) seems to increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer. However, all of the causes of skin cancer are not yet known or understood. It’s best to have a regular screening from your Charlotte dermatologist, even if you don’t think you are at risk. Symptoms of skin cancer Because there are many different types of Charlotte NC…

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Skin cancer risk while driving can be lowered how?

Charlotte skin cancer - Charlotte NC

Skin cancer risk can be lowered by following these simple rules while driving Skin cancer risk can be lowered by using window film in your car. Skin cancer is the most common cancer currently being diagnosed in today’s day and age. Skin cancer treatment can be exhausting both mentally and physically, and not to mention extremely expensive. There are a few ways we can lower our chance of developing skin cancer, however, to prevent the need to undergo skin cancer therapy. We spend a lot of time in our cars, whether it be for commuting purposes, running errands, or traveling. While we always strive to drive safely, not many of us think about how much sun we’re being exposed to when we’re on the road. The amount of the sun’s rays that can reach us when we’re driving is staggering, and this can put us at serious risk for developing Charlotte skin cancer. One of the best ways to block the sun’s rays is to use window film in your car. Why is driving in a car so dangerous for our skin? While the glass in our car- our windshield and side windows- typically stop the majority of UVB rays…

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Skin cancer prevention skin care routine

Early Melanoma - Charlotte skin cancer

Skin cancer can be prevented with a proper skin care routine and responsible lifestyle Charlotte skin cancer is the most common cancer that is diagnosed in people across the world annually. If you are looking to minimize your chances of developing it, use a skin care routine that is targeted at preventing cancer from growing on your skin. Those who have had skin cancer in the past are especially in need of a routine and lifestyle that makes the chances of developing it again as low as possible. By perfecting your skin care routine and being responsible with your sun exposure, you can keep your skin healthy and young-looking. Skin care products to prevent skin cancer There are a variety of skin products on the market that are aimed to lower your risk of developing skin cancer. Antioxidant creams, such as Green Tea lotions and Vitamin C creams, can be applied to the skin after the face is washed to combat skin cancer. As we know, antioxidants are powerful free-radical fighters that can help prevent cell DNA mutation that would eventually lead to cancer. If you’re looking for a BB Cream to use as both a foundation and a skin…

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Skin cancer doctor discusses how to get a sunless tan

skin cancer - Charlotte, NC

Skin cancer is a scary disease, and it can be prevented Charlotte NC skin cancer is one of the most common diagnoses that is given out to Americans each and every day. Charlotte NC skin cancer is typically caused by too much sun exposure, and not enough protection against the sun’s harsh rays. Many people still use tanning beds to achieve a tan. Tanning beds are extremely dangerous, and using one just one time increases the risk of developing skin cancer by 60%. Nowadays, there is no need to use a tanning bed when there are so many sunless tanning options available on the market. To protect yourself against developing Charlotte NC skin cancer, follow this easy guide to applying sunless tanner. How does sunless tanner work? DHA (or dihydroxyactenone) is the component of sunless tanning products that makes the skin appear tan. DHA works by finding proteins that are on the surface of the skin and binding to them. When DHA attaches to these proteins, it makes them a “tan” color. Compared to UV rays that break through the skin’s superficial layers and penetrate the skin, DHA only rests on the surface of the skin. This makes DHA topical…

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Skin cancer types and how you may be at risk for them

Skin cancer risk factors and varieties

Skin cancer is a common cancer that has many treatment options Skin cancer diagnoses can be very frightening. No one wants to hear that they have any type of cancer, so getting a diagnosis of skin cancer is a scary experience. However, educating yourself about the different types of skin cancer, and their various treatment options can help you prepare yourself for your next appointment with your dermatologist. When caught early, skin cancer is a treatable disease that usually hosts very good outcomes. There are treatments and procedures out there to rid your body of cancer and get you back to your everyday life. Let’s explore the different types of skin related cancer. Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) Not wearing proper sunscreen as a child, or being exposed to an excessive amount of sun over a long period of time can cause you to develop basal cell carcinoma (BCC.) This type of cancer is the number one type of skin cancer that is diagnosed most commonly in the US. It is also the overall type of cancer that is most diagnosed in the country. Skin that is exposed to the sun most often has the highest probability of developing BCC (such…

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