Vanquish ME – answering all your questions

Vanquish ME - Charlotte NC

Vanquish ME treatment questions and answers Vanquish ME is a new fat removal that can remove pounds from your core. Dermatologists are now offering Vanquish ME to their patients so that they reach their ideal weight with the use of modern technology. Due to the wide array of fat-removal  procedures available on the market, knowing whether or not one is right for you can be difficult. This article will go through some common questions patients have about the procedure, and their answers. If you are interested in this procedure, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss if it is right for you. What is Vanquish ME? Radiofrequency technology is used to target and destroy fat cells with the Vanquish ME procedure. The RF rays never touch the skin, thus this treatment is non-invasive and much safer than other fat-removal procedures available on the market. No matter how much you diet and exercise, there are still certain portions of the body that has fat that just won’t budge. Areas like the stomach, love handles and thighs are great places to target with it, as traditional fat-loss methods don’t typically change these areas’ appearances. Would I be a good candidate for…

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Fotofacial questions and answers by Charlotte dermatologist

Best Fotofacial - Charlotte NC

Fotofacial rejuvenation questions are answered for those looking to refresh their skin Fotofacial is a revolutionary new skin youthening procedure that is available for those who wish to have younger looking skin. It’s reasonable to have questions about a dermatological procedure, which is why we’ve put together this guide to answer all of the questions you may have. Reading up on Fotofacial is a great way to learn more about it, however all those who are interested in this treatment should schedule an appointment with their dermatologist to discuss whether or not it is right for them. How does best Fotofacial make your skin look younger? Best Fotofacial involves using radiofrequency energy beams to selectively target blood vessels and pigment that is located underneath the surface of the skin. The wonderful thing about this technology is that it doesn’t touch any skin cells that are on top of the skin, on the outermost layer. This means that it causes the least amount of damage possible, all while removing or lightening sun spots, rosacea, brown spots and busted blood vessels. Who would make a good candidate for a Fotofacial treatment? Fotofacial treatments can help a wide variety of patients. Those who…

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Skin cancer doctor discusses how to get a sunless tan

skin cancer - Charlotte, NC

Skin cancer is a scary disease, and it can be prevented Charlotte NC skin cancer is one of the most common diagnoses that is given out to Americans each and every day. Charlotte NC skin cancer is typically caused by too much sun exposure, and not enough protection against the sun’s harsh rays. Many people still use tanning beds to achieve a tan. Tanning beds are extremely dangerous, and using one just one time increases the risk of developing skin cancer by 60%. Nowadays, there is no need to use a tanning bed when there are so many sunless tanning options available on the market. To protect yourself against developing Charlotte NC skin cancer, follow this easy guide to applying sunless tanner. How does sunless tanner work? DHA (or dihydroxyactenone) is the component of sunless tanning products that makes the skin appear tan. DHA works by finding proteins that are on the surface of the skin and binding to them. When DHA attaches to these proteins, it makes them a “tan” color. Compared to UV rays that break through the skin’s superficial layers and penetrate the skin, DHA only rests on the surface of the skin. This makes DHA topical…

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Cosmetic dermatology specialist identifies skin agers

Charlotte NC cosmetic dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology doctor is telling you the three worst things for your skin Charlotte NC cosmetic dermatology specialists know that you want to keep your skin looking young and supple. Everyone wants skin that is attractive and fresh looking. There are many things that can damage our skin and make us appear much older than we actually are. A cosmetic dermatology doctor has created this list of things that can age your skin dramatically for you to read in order to help you preserve your skin. If you have already encountered damage to your skin, there is still time to prevent any further harm from happening. Let’s take a look at the top skin agers. Poor dietary habits The field of cosmetic dermatology is specialized in fixing superficial problems with the skin, however it is up to you to help your body from the inside out. If you are constantly consuming an excessive amount of coffee or alcohol, then you are doing a disservice to your skin. These drinks actually dehydrate you, and take important moisture out of your skin. What you should be drinking is a high amount of water. Water is an important part of any daily dietary…

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Halo by Sciton renews your skin with minimal downtime

Halo by Sciton

Halo by Sciton is the skin renewing procedure you’ve been waiting for Halo by Sciton can give your skin a fresh, young look. Each of us has needs when it comes to finding the right skin renewing procedure. Many of us do not have time to undergo a skin treatment that requires days, or weeks, of downtime for recovery. Since the majority of us have jobs or other responsibilities, we simply do not have the ability to stay at home and do nothing for an extended period of time. However, there are those who do have the ability to take a few days of rest, and can undergo a treatment that is more on the intense side. This is where it can meet everybody’s needs. By choosing between lighter treatments that require no downtime, to higher energy treatments that may require an extended period of recovery, the patient has the ability to control their skin procedure according to their life. What is Halo by Sciton? Halo by Sciton is a revolutionary skin youthening procedure that many men and women across the country have already taken advantage of. We all know that as we grow older, our skin starts to lose…

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