Ballantyne Dermatologist treatment for acne

Acne and Ballantyne dermatologists - Charlotte, NC

What causes acne? Did you know that a Ballantyne dermatologist offers effective treatment for acne and acne scars? It seems that most people know what acne looks like, but few people know its causes. Acne is actually an inflammatory condition that most commonly occurs on the face, but acne is also seen on the chest, back and other parts of the body. There are multiple factors that cause or determine the severity of acne according to one of the best Ballantyne dermatologists. The most common factors are: Heredity The skin’s oil production Bacteria Diet and lifestyle Skin care products There is wide disagreement amongst doctors and researchers regarding the theory that certain foods, such as dairy products or chocolate, may contribute to the development of acne. Many young adults can develop acne after using products that are inappropriate for their skin. When discovered, such acne can be reversed by changing to an appropriate skin care regimen. It is important to consult with one of the board certified Ballantyne dermatologists before you take any steps to treat even the mildest outbreaks of acne. Dermatologist can offer a variety of effective treatments for acne: This usually includes combining two or more treatments for…

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Cosmetic dermatology tips to improve your aging hands

Charlotte NC Cosmetic dermatology

Healthy, young-looking hands Charlotte dermatologists offer successful treatment for the signs of aging that occur on your hands. Aging hands are often a sudden discovery, unlike the face, where we instantly spot something new with just a short glance whenever we look in the mirror. It is the face that gets the most of the attention and most of the treatment on our quest to keep looking our best. Being the point of reference for first impressions, the face is top of the hierarchy when it comes to warding off the signs of aging. However, no one ever forgets the experience of noticing their prematurely aged hands when trying on a ring, or writing a check. We all remember that first time that we look at our hands, and they remind us of our parent’s hands, and not in a comfortable way. We often overlook how much exposure to the sun, wind, and other elements that we put our hands through in a lifetime. All those times that we forgot to apply and reapply sunscreen, our hands absorbed a lot of UV damage. The most obvious change is noticed when we look at the skin on the backs of our…

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Charlotte dermatologist summer skin care tips

highly reliable Charlotte dermatologist - Charllote, NC

Your skin in summer Every Charlotte dermatologist will tell you that taking care of your skin is a year around pursuit. However, the summer season can offer the most challenges, requiring a certain kind of flexibility and vigilance. During the summer you can expect to deal with heat, exposure to the sun, and dry winds that are excessively damaging to your skin. Here, we will offer some summer skin care tips that can apply to every skin type. The first recommendation is the use of a good sun block. Protecting your skin from the UV rays of the summer sun is probably the most obvious element of summer skin care. Not all sunscreens are the same. Before choosing a sunscreen, ask your highly reliable Charlotte dermatologist what strength of SPF will protect you properly. The goal for summer skin However, taking care of your skin during the summer goes far beyond the use of sunscreen according to a highly reliable Charlotte dermatologist. The goal is to take steps that will help you avoid long-term damage. In order to do this, you will need to understand how the summer weather can harm your skin. After a comprehensive skin assessment, we can…

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Cosmetic dermatology tips for dealing with sun burned skin

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Sunburn season We thought this would be a great time to remind everyone of the cosmetic dermatology Charlotte NC guidelines for treating sun burned skin. As the days get longer and we spend more time out of doors, we greatly increase our risk for sun-burned skin. The sun’s rays can cause damage all year around, but there seems to be a higher increase in severe sunburn during the spring and summer. It is most imperative that you begin treating sunburn as soon as you notice it. At the first signs and symptoms, get out of the sun. If you were to hold your hand over a candle, the longer you hold it over the flame, the more damage you will do. It is the same for sun burn. The longer you are in the sun’s rays, the more severe the burn. Going indoors is just the start, consider the following actions that can help to stop the process of burning and start the healing. The cause of sunburn When your skin is exposed to the sun for a period of time, it eventually burns. The sun gives off three wavelengths of ultraviolet light: UVA UVB UVC UVC light does not…

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Cosmetic dermatology solutions for age spots

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Understanding age spots Your Ballantyne dermatologist knows that no one likes to see the appearance of age spots on their face or body. These characteristic brown and black spots, commonly occur on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun. They are commonly known as age spots, sun spots, or even liver spots. The last description is somewhat puzzling because they have nothing to do with the liver. Age spots should not be confused with freckles, which usually appear on the face and body of adults and children with fair skin and red or blonde hair. Age spots are distinctive patches or spots that are typically found on the face, arms and hands after years of excessive exposure to the sun. When you notice age spots Age spots are inevitable for most people, that does not mean that you have to embrace their premature appearance on your skin. Some people only have one or two, while others must deal with many spots, some of which can be prominent on the face, hands or neck. These brown spots are bothersome for lots of people. The good news is that age spots can be treated. The first time you notice…

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